FC Astana earned 4.2 million euros in Eurocup
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FC Astana earned 4.2 million euros in Eurocup

25 November 2016 09:54

General earnings of Kazakhstan champion in this Eurocup season exceeded four million euros, Sports.kz reports.

The victory over the Cyprian APOEL (2:1) within the fifth tour of a group stage of the Europa League updated FC Astana budget for 360,000 euros.

Champions League matches helped the Kazakhstan team to earn one million euros and the club received 2.6 million for entering into group round of the Europa League. FC Astana won once and tied twice, having earned additional 600,000 euros. Thus, the total income of FC Astana from participation in Eurocup constituted 4,200,000 euros.

The winner of Europa League group will update the budget for 500,000 euros and the team became the second for 250,000.

UEFA promulgated data about bonus for last season following the results of which FC Astana earned 17,2 million euros.

FC Astana in a group stage match of the Europa League won the Cyprian APOEL — 2:1.

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