Swans die on Aktau coast (PHOTO)

Swans die on Aktau coast (PHOTO)

11 January, 11:32 112
Swans die on Aktau coast (PHOTO)

There are dead swans on the waterfront in Aktau. It wasn`t so difficult to find the dead birds, Tumba.kz reports.

One of the dead swans lies on the stone near the coast,while the second is located in the water far enough from the coast. The cause of their death is still unknown.

By the way, the number of swans has dramatically decreased recent years. At the end of 2014, OFA "Eco Mangystau" put a sign upon the waterfront with a warning to ban the feeding of swans with bread. The experts explained how bread effects on birds. At the same time, OFA experts"Koldau-Ecology" of non profit organization NC "Koldau-Kazakhstan", opposed the ban. Eventually, they agreed in a year. 

The birds eat the trash left from campers, reported earlier. Despite the fact that this issue was raised in 2014, it is still relevant this day. The trash on the waterfront hasn`t decreased.

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