Syria`s government envoy: it was painful to be in one room with rebel delegation (PHOTO)

Syria`s government envoy: it was painful to be in one room with rebel delegation (PHOTO)

25 January, 11:22 961 Astana
Syria`s government envoy: it was painful to be in one room with rebel delegation (PHOTO)

Syria`s government envoy, Syria`s UN Ambassador Bashar Ja`afari during the press conference admitted that for Syria government it was very painful "to be in one room with rebel delegation who are connected with foreign programs and work for foreign forces". But he added, despite on the unpleasant feeling, Syria`s government is ready to communicate in order to stop bloodshed and terror in the country, correspondent reports.

"For us it was very painful to be in one room with rebel delegation who are connected with foreign programs and work for foreign forces. Some of them even committed terrorist attacks. However, it is not the first time when we sit with other Syrians at one table. In Moscow and Geneva we sat twice during the meeting. Whatever it costs us, we will do it in order to stop bloodshed and terror in our country,” Syria`s government envoy and UN Ambassador Bashar Ja`afari said in the press conference following Astana process` results.

He noted that negotiations with rebel delegation take place according to the certain framework, special programs and instructions of holding such meetings. It is not held sight-unseen.

One of reporters informed that the rebel delegation after negotiation showed the discontent with Iran actions towards Syria. These words hurt Bashar Ja`afari. He remind that the main thing in Astana process is to find the ways for Syria settlement. And those who shows the discontent with one of the guarantor states` actions "dive under dark waters".

"It is unpleasant to hear that some delegation`s members or the terrorist groups which arrived Astana and accepted the agreement in December 29, criticize one of three guarantor states` actions which promoted the achievement of this successful meeting. Those who say that they aren't glad because of the country`s negative role dive under very dark waters. Iran is one of the guarantor states as Turkey and Russia. And Iran played a positive role in achieving of this final formula. If it concerns the policy, don`t give in to the emotions and feelings. It is necessary to be cool and to act according to the national interests. Therefore the question is not who is glad who not. The most important is that we got the document called the final agreement which was concluded by the all sides`consent. And it is a result. It is what we shall remember," Bashar Ja`afari emphasized.

"We could tell that Turkey`s role is also negative. And it indeed, but we don't tell it. Because we are diplomats, we are responsible, we represent our government. Therefore we don't behave so. In policy it is necessary sometimes to deal with enemies for keeping own country. And it is what we do now. To strengthen a ceasefire regime and military actions is the main aim of Astana process,” Syria`s government envoy added.

The tripartite mechanism, according to him, is necessary to prevent provocations and to define technical details of ceasefire regime. It means the technical aspect, and military experts. Everything will be gradually implemented. Each country will decide how to work in this case. Bashar al Ja`afari emphasized that any action which will help to stop the war in Syria is welcomed, and, certainly, "ongoing actions directed against terrorists".

B. Ja`afari also said that the groups which arrived Astana process, were terrorist earlier, but chose anoother way.

"Groups which arrived here joined these negotiations. Therefore we accepted those who wanted to join our process. Other groups which will want to participate at negotiations have to present programs on  fight against Jabhat an-Nusra which took over Syria`s village population where 7 million people live, leaving without water for already 41 day,” Bashar al Ja`afari said.

Besides, he admitted that during the negotiations Turkey refused the formation of Syria as secular State in the future. This fact depresses B. Ja`afari. He very rstrictly said about the guarantor state.

"In Turkey words differ from deals. We insisted in Syria will become the secular State in the future. The delegation of Turkey and armed forces refused it,” B. Ja`afari said.

It also addressed the question of Kurds living in Syria. Bashar al Ja`afari described them as brothely people.

"It is unimportant for us whether we speak about Arabs, Kurds, Syrians or other Syrian society – all of them are Syrians. We don't discriminate anybody. We are proud of our brothers of the Syrian Kurds, also as ourselves. They played an important role not only in fight against ISIS. We lived one thousand years together. Those who chose other way don't believe to Syria. And believe in other clans made by foreign forces,” Syria`s government envoy added.

Let's remind that in the second day of Syria peace talks finished yesterday.

The Russia and Turkey heads offered to hold negotiations in Astana.

The president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev during the telephone negotiations with V. Putin and T. Erdogan welcomed this proposal and declared the possibility to provide the platform for such negotiations. In January 23 in Rixos Astana President Hotel the first day of indirect Syria peace talks was held on where there were more than 400 representatives of foreign and Kazakhstan mass media.

Syrian rebel spokesman Yehya al-Aridi told reporters the results of the opposition meeting`s first day. He described the meeting as "long and productive".

It should be noted that Kazakhstan in this case only provides the platform for negotiations, at the same time, without participating and being neutral.

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