Prospects of total electrical power and agrarian market of EEU discussed in Moscow
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Prospects of total electrical power and agrarian market of EEU discussed in Moscow

1 December 2016 11:24

In Moscow, under the chairmanship of the First Deputy Prime minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin the meeting of Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) took place, reported.

The agenda of a meeting included 48 questions concerning further development of the Eurasian Economic Union.
During the meeting questions of the international activities of EEU, forming of the total electrical power market, development of transport policy are considered.
Decisions on the beginning of negotiations on the conclusion of the provisional agreement leading to formation of the free trade area with India, Singapore, South Korea and Egypt are approved.
The Program of forming of the total electrical power market of EEU is approved. The total market will allow to create favorable conditions for free trade by the electric power and capacity, and also to get access to infrastructure of the partner countries on a non-discriminatory basis.
The main directions and stages of implementation of the coordinated transport policy are approved. Adoption of this document will allow to provide further forming and development of the single market of transport space and the total market of transport services within EEU. The matters will be considered by heads of states at a meeting of the Supreme economic council on December 26 the current year in Moscow.
During the meeting a number of decisions in the sphere of technical regulation is also accepted. So, for the purpose of establishment of safety requirements to the mineral fertilizers released in the territory of EEU and also on processes of their storage, transportation and marking the Technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union "On requirements to mineral fertilizers" is accepted.
A number of the decisions concerning regulation of quarantine and phytosanitary control and supervision is accepted: Regulations on a procedure of phytosanitary quarantine control (supervision) on a customs border of EEU (with changes), Single quarantine phytosanitary requirements, rules and regulations of providing a quarantine of plants, the single list of quarantine objects of EEU are approved. 
The Agreement on the address of seeds of agricultural plants within EEU is approved. This document is aimed at the development of the total market of seeds, removal of obstacles in mutual trade and regulations of the legal relationship connected from addresses of seeds of agricultural plants.
In general participants of a meeting of Council of ECE discussed a wide range of questions on which it was succeeded to reach the mutually advantageous decisions aimed at the further development of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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