The highest-grossing Kazakhstan movies in 2016 (PHOTO)

The highest-grossing Kazakhstan movies in 2016 (PHOTO)

22 December, 11:22 602
The highest-grossing Kazakhstan movies in 2016 (PHOTO)

The expiring year became saturated for the Kazakhstan cinema. During this time there was a set of pictures which were interesting to Kazakhstan citizens and became real champions on a box office. presents a selection of five most popular movies of 2016.

According to the press service of Kazakhfilm, the five of the best movies is opened by the movie of the Russian director Sergey Snezhkin 'The stars have aligned' which is a final part of the film epic "Way of the Leader". Earlier there were parts: "Sky of my childhood", "The fiery river" and "The iron mountain". All pictures were shot based on books of Nursultan Nazarbayev and based on memoirs of his friends, colleagues and relatives. In the movie 'The stars have aligned' the English journalist interviews the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev who tells about a hard way of gaining the independence.

 Not the least successful in hire of this year became the movie of the Russian-Kazakhstan production "Panfilov's 28 Men" which became one of the expected premieres of 2016. The film is shot with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan and JSC Kazakhfilm named after Sh. Aymanov. Directors are Andrey Shalyopa and Kim Druzhinin opened in a picture a feat of the Soviet soldiers in case of Moscow defense in 1941. 

The comedy "16 kyz" (girls) by Kanagat Mustafin opens  the top three. The plot is developed around the guy with the name of Bauyrzhan whose obsession of parents is the marriage of the beloved son. Searches of the bride continually turn into a failure, and the hero dreams to marry the beloved who is arranged to another. The easy, picture which came out in a wide release in March of this year only for the first week-end collected over 45 million tenge.


Nurstas Adambaya's movie 'Taraz' has appeared on the second place and also attracted great interest of the audience. New role of the director of "Kelinka Sabina" and "Kelinka Sabina-2" was liked by the Kazakhstan citizens - only for the first days off the picture, it has collected more than 76 million tenge. The plot of the movie narrates about destiny of three friends who are involuntarily involved in serious crime. It should be noted, the movie was recognized also abroad. The new movie of Adambay has won two main nominations at the Genre Celebration Film Festival festival (Los Angeles, the USA) at once – "The best drama movie" and "The best camerawork".

And the movie of Akan Satayev "The road to mother" which became a real story about power of maternal love took the first place on a box office. The movie which appeared at the end of September already by the beginning of October collected over 100 million tenge. The plot of a picture covers several difficult historical periods of Kazakhstan: a collectivization era, the greatest tragedy of the people – jut (famine), years of the Great Patriotic War and post war years. Ilyas- the main character of the movie shows improbable firmness of spirit, courage, patriotism and dedication in heavy "way home". By the way, the movie took the Grand Prix at the international Film Festival "Eurasian Bridge" in Yalta. Many Kazakhstan citizens called this movie "break of the domestic film industry".

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