The museum of firefighters and rescuers opened in Kyzylorda (PHOTO)

The museum of firefighters and rescuers opened in Kyzylorda (PHOTO)

21 December, 15:58 162

The museum of firefighters and rescuers created by own efforts solemnly opened in department on emergency of the Kyzylorda region, correspondent reports.

"Let people, especially youth and pupils to come to this museum where history lives. It will be useful for many people to know what the fire and rescue service of the region began and how it works. Also about the staff because we have heroes in history of our bodies, " chief of emergency department of the Kyzylorda region colonel of civil protection Omar Berzhanov said.

By the way, earlier the small museum of emergency department in Kyzylorda was №1 in fire brigade.

There are a lot of interesting things in the new museum – from a dress of officers and fighting clothes of the firefighter which imprinted the chronicle of fire and rescue services. There is also "a room of grief" here - the section devoted to those who heroically died on service.

The separate exposition of the museum of police is devoted to the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan – to the Coat of arms, the Flag, the Anthem and the Constitution of our country as to the fundamental law. Here the picture of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev taken during acceptance of oath of allegiance to the Kazakhstan people.

By the way, also polices created the museum in Department of Internal Affairs of the Kyzylorda region.

"The idea of its creation belongs to a management of department and our council of veterans. The main objective of the museum – patriotic and moral and esthetic education of the younger generation of law-enforcement bodies, promotion among the population of nice traditions of police," head of the press service of Department of Internal Affairs of the Kyzylorda region Gulzhakhan Kairbergenova said.

Exhibits of the period of the Great Patriotic War – a machine gun, the automatic machine, an engineer shovel, the radio set, soldier's helmet are collected in the museum. Also there is modern show-window where the means of communication and the weapon withdrawn during detention from criminals.

There are unique documents in the museum, for example "The bulletin of police" of July 1, 1910. Photos of the beginning of the last century - the staff of Workers' and Peasants' militia and the Kazakh national squadron.