What will surprise foreigners at EXPO 2017? (PHOTO)

What will surprise foreigners at EXPO 2017? (PHOTO)

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What will surprise foreigners at EXPO 2017? (PHOTO)

Kazakhstan surely is in the home stretch on preparation for the largest EXPO 2017 international exhibition. Our country needs to provide high level not only an infrastructure part of the megaproject, but also to show innovative achievements on the chosen subject "Energy of the future". National pavilions commissioners of foreign member countries and foreign experts shared with BNews.kz correspondent about what benefits and prospects are promised to Astana by carrying out "EXPO 2017".

President of the World club of the EXPO commissioners Alessandro Rosso considers that the specialized EXPO 2017 exhibition in Astana will allow the whole world to see new Kazakhstan because the exhibition will be attended by participants almost from all parts of the world, also the huge flow of tourists is expected.

"I am the president of the World club of the EXPO commissioners, this organization represents commissioners worldwide. EXPO 2017 will draw attention of a huge number of tourists from around the world. Besides all attention of the world press will be concentrated at an exhibition that will allow the whole world to learn about it. Thus your culture and your history will become well-known in a moment. EXPO 2017 will become some kind of starting engine, the advertiser for Kazakhstan," A. Rosso noted.

The expert emphasized that preparation for an exhibition takes place at the worthy level.

"Pavilions in EXPO 2017 are awesome. I advise everybody to purchase the ticket and to visit an exhibition, as it is an authentic exhibition of cultures of the different countries and the people. It is as a worldwide tour in one day. Every visitor having attended an exhibition will receive unforgettable emotions and certainly will be satisfied," he said.

Also A. Rosso reported that about 150 Italian companies will take part in EXPO 2017.

"I think that at least 100-150 companies will participate in an exhibition as the subject of an exhibition is very urgent. Many companies in Italy are interested in development of a subject of energy of the future. Besides, a large number of the Italian tourists are expected," president of the World club of the EXPO commissioners A. Rosso concluded.

General Manager of the Ministry of Trade, expenses and promotion of local content and small business products of Senegal Babacar Diof noted that the "EXPO 2017" is very good possibility of Senegalese to arrive to Kazakhstan, to participate in such large-scale exhibition and to show what has Senegal in this direction.

"In Senegal are forced to develop alternative energy sources because in the country there is no gasoline. We have a lot of sunlight in the country, but the solar energy is not so highly developed in Senegal. We should develop this direction to not to use gasoline. It is a big problem as we deliver it. We can not constantly pay dearly for gasoline, it is very expensive. We import gasoline and it is very expensive in our

CEO of department of international cooperation of the Ministry of Culture, sport and tourism of Vietnam Nguyen Chongg Khang assured that Vietnam will participate in the EXPO 2017 exhibition with great pleasure. Now there are active works on development of the national pavilion of Vietnam.

"We maintain relevance and correctness of the chosen scope of the Future Energy exhibition. The governments of our countries one of the first agreed about participation of Vietnam in an exhibition, we certainly want to participate in such significant event". EXPO 2017 gives for us a unique opportunity to share with the whole world our developments in the sphere of renewable energy resources.

Vietnam will develop concepts of the national pavilion which should show most widely and unusually uniqueness and richness of the Vietnamese culture. As you know, the Vietnamese pavilion arranged in national traditions at an exhibition in Milan was visited by 5 million guests from 20 million visitors of an exhibition," the commissioner of the pavilion said.

It should be noted that Vietnam one of the first Southeast Asia countries that confirmed its participation in EXPO 2017. The memorandum about cooperation which directed to activization of partnership in the field of involvement of tourists from Vietnam with the population of 90 million people on the forthcoming exhibition in Astana was signed between JSC National Company Astana EXPO 2017 and the leading travel agency "Saigontourist" of Vietnam on July, 2015.

"The subject of EXPO 2017 is focused on energy of the future which opens new opportunities of a cooperation and interaction in this direction," she declared.

According to commissioner of the national pavilion of India Shubkhra Singh, the subject of EXPO 2017 fully corresponds to a modern peace arrangement.

"India signed the contribution agreement in EXPO 2017 with organizers of an exhibition. We prepared all appropriate resources for participation in an exhibition. We are very happy to take part in it. Preparation for an exhibition takes place at the detailed level, it pleases all participants of an exhibition," Sh. Singh said.

As the commissioner noted, a large number of the Indian companies will participate in an exhibition because this very large-scale action which will last for three months. Besides the Indian pavilion area constitutes the 550 quarter of meters.

"As you know, there are high demographic rates in India. The country on density of population does not inferior to China and we should try to find new power sources which will be renewable and kept. The subject “Future of energy” is very urgent for us, because use of "green technologies" can salvage our planet," Sh. Singh concluded.

According to director of the Polish-Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Andrzej Stefanski, carrying out EXPO 2017 is very prudent step of the President of Kazakhstan to declare about the young state.

"Kazakhstan is known in the world from year to year and such exhibition will allow to all representatives of the world to visit Kazakhstan practically. This exhibition undoubtedly will affect development of the country and its profound integration with world global economy. It will be big plus for the country. Kazakhstan will receive billions of dollars of investments," he declared.

He emphasized that the country would like to show at an exhibition the Polish culture and the Polish achievements, also to emphasize very close connection of Poland with Kazakhstan people.

"Poland has very big experience on "green" technologies. Within the Polish project "Green Iva" we directed several tens of the companies with economic missions and they already cooperate with the Kazakhstan partners in wind technology and on solar technology so we have big achievements which we would like to show at an exhibition," he noted.

According to A. Stefanski, the organization and preparation for an exhibition passes at the highest level.

"During the meeting with representatives of an exhibition, I received many particulars of the organization of Poland’s participation in this exhibition. I am very happy and I would even tell the organizations of an exhibition, delighted with professional and very high level. I hope that my visit will be very successful and will help us to be prepared for an exhibition," he concluded.

Besides, commissioner of China’s section at the International specialized EXPO 2017 exhibition in Astana Vang Jinzhen declared that China develops the concept and technologies of the pavilion which will be shown by Celestial Empire at an exhibition.

"A subject of an exhibition is "Energy of the future". China is the biggest producer and the power consumer who gets energy in the traditional way and develops innovations in this sphere. We will be glad to share the experience with Kazakhstan and all countries which will participate in EXPO 2017. We are going to hold a set of cultural events.

I can not tell exact number of the companies, but as Kazakhstan is one of trading partners in Central Asia, I can tell surely that rather large number of the companies will participate in an exhibition. Very large number of tourists from China will visit an exhibition. We very thoroughly prepare. We have the biggest pavilion of 1,000 square meters. It is very important for us to be the participant of the EXPO," Vang Qinzhen.

On the 151st General Assembly of MBV the official presentation of Astana at the beginning of which with the special video message the President of Kazakhstan addressed delegates took place in Paris on June 12, 2012. Nursultan Nazarbayev personally guaranteed the application of the maximum efforts to successful implementation of the project in case of a victory of Astana. The subject "Energy of the future" is devoted to alternative energy sources and "green" technologies.

On November 22, 2012 during secret vote of representatives of 161 state members of the International bureau of exhibitions Astana is chosen as the venue of the International specialized EXPO 2017 exhibition. The request of Astana was supported by 111 countries. EXPO 2017 will become the first exhibition held in the CIS countries. It is expected that more than 5 million people will be able to visit an exhibition.

Holding such large-scale action will give a new serious impulse to development of small and medium business. The exhibition will allow to attract considerable private investments into a construction of exhibition objects and infrastructure of the capital. Besides, EXPO 2017 will become a starting point for transition to "green" economy.

The subject of EXPO 2017 "Energy of the Future" will allow to attract the best world technologies of energy saving, new developments and technologies of use of the existing alternative power sources, such as energy of the sun, wind, sea, oceanic and thermal waters. Astana can become the effective platform for demonstration of the best world developments and trends in this industry. The exhibition will give also powerful impulse for system diversification of economy and technological upgrade of production capacities and scientific base of the country.

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