William Irvine: Everybody already recognized that prisons do not rehabilitate people

William Irvine: Everybody already recognized that prisons do not rehabilitate people

09 December, 11:29 315
William Irvine: Everybody already recognized that prisons do not rehabilitate people

"Improvement of criminal justice in Kazakhstan" project of the European Union started in October of last year and will finish in 2018. Head William Irvine has told about work progresses. According to him, one of joint activity achievements important for today is the bill "On approbation" - an alternative measure of punishment, BNews.kz correspondent reports.


"The project of the European Union "Improvement of criminal justice in Kazakhstan" is aimed at strengthening of rule of law in Kazakhstan. Within "100 steps" of Kazakhstan we support the second presidential reform. Our project does not set the purpose to change a justice system, but to support the current reforms and to inform the Kazakhstan government of international standards of developed countries," project manager William Irvine said.

However, according to him, Europeans do not impose the model of justice but impart experience.

"We bring the international experts who tell what calls they had, problems and how they overcame them. Europeans do not impose their model but impart own experience. Within it they suggest the government to take for themselves what suits mentality and realities," the speaker has noted.

One of the main achievements of the project for today is collaboration of the international experts and the government in the bill "On approbation" which provides an alternative measure of punishment for the "stumbled" citizens.
"If it is not the pedophile and not the maniac but easier offense then people are not sent to prisons in Europe. It is called "probation control". We helped to draft this law in the KUIS system. Everybody already recognized that correctional facilities do not rehabilitate people. When the offender gets in prison he becomes even worse when he out. To avoid it and to help the person who accidentally appeared in the conflict with the law and to help to realize the crime, it is necessary to undertake other measures. It should be adjusted, corrected, rehabilitated. Of course, the probation suits the Kazakhstan reality," William Irvine added.

The project work implies interaction of the EU representatives with all law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan.

"Within the project we work not only with the international experts but also actively involve local national experts. We helped to write the Law "On judicial and expert activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan". Also on the project training of staff of all law enforcement agencies is supposed. We already trained judges from all regions of the country, they passed trainings on advanced training. It is an important component of our work," U. Irvine said.

Increase in trust of the population to judicial and system of law enforcement agencies in Kazakhstan is one more key moment. The EU representatives help to conduct two surveys of the population within this work.

"The first - for torture victims in prisons, the second - for the victims of domestic violence. We work with the Supreme Court and the Prosecutor General's Office. Our one more purpose is to seat all of them at one table that they conducted joint dialogue. Because sometimes these bodies can work separately. We are holding projects with the State Office of Public Prosecutor on tortures and response to claims of those who appeared in the conflict with the law. Europe has the experiment on this matter and Kazakhstan needs developing the strategy in this sphere too," William Irvine concluded.

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