Tea with milk is not the original Kazakh tradition: Nirmal Sethia (VIDEO)
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Tea with milk is not the original Kazakh tradition: Nirmal Sethia (VIDEO)

Gulnar MENDYBAYEVA, 15 September 2014 14:52 , Astana

Tea with milk is not the original Kazakh tradition, Nirmal Sethia, tea taster from the UK told BNews.kz correspondent.

According to N. Sethia, at the time of the Tai and Song dynasty tea was a prevalent culture all over the East. Before this time Indians did not know how to drink the tea or what was tea. The Europeans did not know the tea.
“Europeans were introduced to the tea only be Portuguese which was late in the 14 century. But the concept Kazakh drinking tea with milk. If you say I will accept it but I do not believe it. Chinese, all of them were drinking tea, but I’ve never seen the milk pot produced in the 10th century. I’ve seen a milk pot being produced in the 17-18th centuries. But if they were drinking with milk where were the milk pots. Now you are drinking tea with milk because you’ve been offered cheaper quality tea which do not have their own character, N. Sethia said.
“In the 20th century the Europeans said that it is good if tea has the color and tastes good if not so, they recommend to put some milk on it. Then, you taste the sugar you do not taste the tea. But even by adding the sugar if you still have bad taste, put some milk then you taste the milk you are not tasting the tea. This culture has to be brought back,” N. Sethia said.

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