How G20 influenced to development of "Nurly zhol" and a new Silk Road (VIDEO)
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How G20 influenced to development of "Nurly zhol" and a new Silk Road (VIDEO)

09 December, 21:20 161
How G20 influenced to development of

Initiatives of development of Kazakhstan "Nurly zhol" and development of the Central Asian region "New Silk Road" are closely bound among themselves as our country stands in the center of a transit way between Western Europe and the Western China. Head of Institute of economic researches Serzhan Madiyev gave an interview to correspondent where he expertized the results of the G20 summit in China and told how the meeting of heads of states influenced to development of two large-scale initiatives.

"Everybody understand that it is impossible to develop alone, borders are erased. Despite sanctions and support of national production, any state is extremely interested in export of the goods. If to reflect strategically then the unique way of development is consolidation of forces, as was discussed at the G20 summit. It is necessary to combine efforts on regulation and coordination of the fiscal and monetary authorities actions, that is not only neighbor countries, but all countries with similar economies should coordinate actions of national banks, Ministries of Finance and Economy. It is very important. In this part initiative of our President of start of the  "Nurly zhol" program was very timely and well integrated to an initiative of a new Silk Road" the chairman of the board of JSC Institute of Economic Researches noted.
According to the expert, main goals of these two directions are identical in the initiative, in particular one of the main objectives of "Nurly zhol" is development of infrastructure capacity of the country and transit potential, that is Kazakhstan creates so-called "blood vessels" in the form of automobile and the railroads, the trade and logistic centers to become really transit country that opportunities on an overflow to Western Europe from the Western China extended, terms were reduced and efficiency increased.
"Now all these initiatives yield real fruits. The initiative of the Silk Road very correct, it will help to lift the base for development of all countries in this region. These meetings at high level should give an impetus to new strategy for development of global economy. There is no any way. Now no country can not be able to develop independently, only having combined efforts it is possible to create highly effective drivers of growth. "Nurly zhol" and "New Silk Road" programs are new points of growth of the states of participants and the whole region," Serzhan Madiyev said.
At the same time the expert noticed that these initiatives will not have any results in lack of stable and long-term sources of financing. In this way the fund of the Silk Road and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank where Kazakhstan is an active participant are recognized to become a steady and long-term source of financing of large projects.

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