Six flights delayed in Almaty airport
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Six flights delayed in Almaty airport

10 January, 10:53 78
Six flights delayed in Almaty airport

Six flights are delayed in Almaty international airport. There are no canceled flights, the official Facebook page of the airport says, reports.

According to this information, the reasons of the delayed flight: airlines technical reasons, weather conditions and late airplane`s arrival. The following flights were delayed:
1. PS538 Almaty - Kiev (Late airplane`s arrival) Ukraine International Airlines;
2. KC975 Almaty - Kyzylorda (Weather conditions of arrival`s airport) Air Astana;
3. KC301 Almaty - Ust-Kamenogorsk (Technical reason of airlines) Air Astana;
4. KS627 Almaty - Astana - Beijing (Technical reasonof airlines) Air Astana;
5. KC609 Almaty - Astana - Seoul (Technical reason of airlines)Air Astana;
6. SU1947 Almaty - Sheremetyevo (Late airplane`sarrival) Aeroflot.
 There is no cancellation, at this moment, the vertical visibility is 40 m, the horizontal- 450 m in Almaty airport. There is no limit to the receiving and releasing of air force.

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