Current reforms can be compared with Spanish experience-expert

Current reforms can be compared with Spanish experience-expert

16 February, 14:54 307 Astana

Foreign expert, Professorof CEU San Pablo University (Madrid, Spain) said that Kazakhstan   will have the way of Spain, correspondent reports.

"The current reforms charged by Kazakhstan President can be assessed in two ways. The first is comparing with the Spanish experience, and the second is considering the current international situation. In Spain, for example, after the civil war, there was the "caudillo" period (strong power) for the establishment of peace and political stability in the country. After 25 years (since the war) the reforms were started, establishment of law state where, in the absence of exceptional power of one person  the law state and powers` redistribution are necessary in order to control and prevent abuses. The political process was held in parallel with economic development that created a new society and is the guarantor of the current democracy. Now Kazakhstan is in a similar situation. Syria peace talks or EXPO 2017 in Astana, should be used in order to denounce to the world that it is economically developed country with advanced society and democratic political regime. Current reforms are aimed at giving this image,” the foreign expert said.

He added that now is the right time for reforms, in particular for the holding of the EXPO 2017.

"The main interest of other countries is in Kazakhstan economy, so if this sector is under the control of the Government, and therefore Parliament, this image will be distributed internationally. The current President is accountable for foreign policy like the Heads of the United States and France (Fifth Republic). In my opinion, this is the most opportune moment for the  Expo 2017, which will give a positive image, comparable with any country of the "first world" (North America and the European Union). The democratic regime has the balance of powers and the strong presence of the President. The King of Spain has a strong international protagonist and keeps the title of Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the country,” the expert said.