Registration Institute does not limit rights of liberty of movement.

Registration Institute does not limit rights of liberty of movement.

11 January, 17:32 114
Work on the draft law
Public discussion
The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan
President signing
Realization of the law

Let`s note that the police of the region organized a meeting with the media on explanation of new legislation and ensured that there is no rush in the local public service centers associated with population registration.

"In this issue, I note the understanding of the population of our region. There are no queues in the public service centers, there is the standard procedure. More than 3,600 people are registered, more than 1,100 people got the temporary registration in few days.
Already it is clear that the Registration Institution does not limit the right to liberty of movement, and corresponds to the international practice. The population statistics is conducted in many states, as this also depends on the planning of economic and social policy,” K. Yeselbayev said.

At the same time, the main issue of the introduction standards is to monitor the internal migration processes, population statistics for the determination of the development of the region in the development of state programs. But at the same time, changes in legislation, initiated by law enforcement officers, taking into account the latest events in the country,also are implemented under the opposition to extremism and terrorism.

"We understand that these compulsory procedures make some inconvenience, but still, the actions taken are the requirement at the present time. In this regard, we ask all citizens to understand it," the press-service of regional police added.

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