Question of employment in Baikonyr: To solve or to move?

17 May, 2017, 14:38 8955
Question of employment in Baikonyr: To solve or to move?

In the Kyzylorda region the management of coordination of employment of the population and social programs is engaged in the solution of a question with employment of hundreds of residents of Baikonur who have lost work in connection with reductions at the Russian enterprises, correspondent reports.

"Since the beginning of year in Baikonur 195 people are  freed from jobs," the chief of regional management of coordination of employment of the population and social programs Amanzhol Aldazharov has told. "And the problem of their further employment is at us on constant control because it is accompanied by a number of difficulties".

As have told in management of coordination of employment of the population and social programs, in Baikonur jobs as construction of new buildings isn't conducted aren't created, the new enterprises don't open. Borders of the city don't extend, it is in rent at the Russian Federation.

"Nevertheless, 49 thousand citizens of Kazakhstan live in Baikonur," Aldazharov told. "And for their wellbeing we are obliged to make everything that in our opportunities."
The package of the social help put to the unemployed will be received by all Kazakhstan citizens living in Baikonur, and who have addressed to bodies of employment.

"The interdepartmental commission resolves issues of support of business in Baikonur," Aldazharov added. "If the Kazakhstan businessmen are able to lease the buildings which are standing idle in the city, to create there the objects, it will add quantity of jobs for local population."

It is more difficult to resolve an issue with crediting of residents of Baikonur, persons interested to open business.

"They, as a rule, have no mortgage property, practically all housing stock of the city is in municipal property," he explained.

What is interesting, in Kyzylorda there are hundreds of families wishing to become participants of resettlement from excess working regions in those regions where working places are in deficit as it is provided in the program of development of productive employment and mass business for 2017-2021. For stimulation of voluntary migration the government defined 7 regions for reception of immigrants, including oralman. These are the Akmola, Atyrau, East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan regions. 4 regions of leaving are also defined: Almaty, Jambyl, Mangystau and Southern Kazakhstan regions. Subsidies for moving and a covering of expenses on rent of housing within one year will be allocated to labor migrants from these regions.

"At us too about 300 families would like to go to the north and become participants of the program," Amanzhol Aldazharov reported. "And more than 80% from them - residents of Baikonur. We made the relevant proposal in the ministry, and we hope for understanding of a question. In Shymkent there took place the interregional business forum "Increase in Mobility of Labour Market" recently. With the assistance of the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the population of RK Tamara Duysenova, the akim of the Southern Kazakhstan area Zhanseit Tuymebayev, deputy akims of the Kostanay, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan and East Kazakhstan regions. In the nearest future similar business forums are planned to be held in the Mangystau, Jambyl and Almaty regions. We would like that and in Kyzylorda such business forum took place too".

We will remind, among complex tasks in the Address of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev "The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" is noted need of modernization of labor market. At the request of the Head of state in the country the program of development of productive employment and mass business for 2017-2021 within which citizens of Kazakhstan in the village or in the city can receive for the business the microcredit to sixteen million tenges started.

According to governor office of the Kyzylorda region, on implementation of the program in the region 3,7 billion tenges are provided. Since the beginning of year 4226 people from whom 99,8 percent – the unemployed became its participants.

The program consists of three directions. On the first, providing its participants with technical and professional education and short-term professional training, the solution of such tasks as training with technical and professional education taking into account requirements of labor market (1515 people in the Kyzylorda region) and short-term professional training of personnel in the professions and skills (1315 people) demanded in labor market is provided. The list of the enterprises and institutions of education for the organization of training of short-term courses is approved. Training is begun on May 10.

In the second direction - development of mass business is planned training in business bases in the Bastau-Business project of 937 participants of the program. For selection of the first flow of applicants preliminary training in five pilot areas – Aral, Kazalinsky, Karmakshinsky, Zhanakorgansky and Shiyeliysky is provided from April 5 to May 5. In general the training covering six streams will last till November of this year. Also within this direction concerning support of enterprise initiatives in the village and in the cities it is planned to capture microcredit of 487 people for the sum of 2,2 billion tenges.

In the third direction, development of labor market through assistance of employment of the population and mobility of a manpower, on the enterprises and the organizations of area to social jobs is directed 490 people (the plan for year 505), to youth practice – 712 unemployed, from them for permanent job are employed by 25. Along with it at the expense of funds of the local budget for youth practice 14 more young men and girls are directed. Public works have captured over 2,7 thousand unemployed from whom on a constant 51 is employed.