Handful of sound – memento for painting on glass

03 August, 2018, 17:50 5517
Handful of sound – memento for painting on glass

Citizen of Almaty believes every grain, its weight and color is an important part of an art. To get an ideal material, the artist brings sand from different countries, cleans, sifts and glows it in a microwave oven.

Madi Bekdair is a famous stylist and talented artist of Kazakhstan. Madi applies a unique methodic of painting on the glass where the final result could be only captured in video or photograph. In the frame, pictures follow each other make people go ahh and simultaneously think over fundamental nature. The author of animations shared his secret of turning of a history into a masterpiece, BNews.kz correspondent informs.

- Madi do you posture yourself as an artist?

- Yes, I do. I professionally paint on the glass over a period of seven years. I was invited to perform at different events, charity projects and made the sand video for some large companies.

- How the artist in you start painting on glass for such a long period?

- I’ fond of painting since childhood, I’m a creative man, holds a degree in music. I started to paint professionally in the sand when I was making a music video. The director offered sand animation as a genre. I started looking for artists all over the country, but they were not there. So, I downloaded various video lessons from the Internet, ordered a special table for the furniture makers, I myself began to learn how to draw. Everything worked out. The first rehearsal took three hours. I had the first video for the song Kusni Korlan, where I drew the history of the Kazakh people with sand.

- What emotions do you convey through your sand paintings?

- I try to put a different palette of emotions in sand painting. I have to make pictures for both children and adults. The themes are different including dramatic topics, topical, social, for example, disease prevention, support of charitable social programs, Love story. I had to draw at mourning events. Naturally, patriotic themes.

-what is being created due to light hand waving?

- Pretty much everything. I can’t say anything on difficult animations. I have seven years of experience in sand painting. I like lyric nuances.  The sand show is a romantic genre and requires soul ballades. However, I used to work accompanied by progressive music. For one company, I drew a story of the evolution of man from dinosaurs to the conquest of space - this animation was just vivace.

-Thus, the selection of the musical part is important, isn’t it?  

- Absolutely. While watching the sand show all the ways of sensing and perceiving information are engaged in the process. You look visually at the screen, how it's all done, plus you listen audibly to the accompaniment. And this is not always expressed through music, there was such an experience when I drew sand, and next to read poetry - is also very beautiful.

- Is any algorithm in the process or in many cases it is just improvisation?

- There is an underlying storyline… And you are to improvise the sound is very unfixed and there is no any guarantee the way of laying. Besides, the process of sand painting depends on the sound level as the surface of the table starts to vibrate due to very high sound and the whole picture becomes smudgy. Any improvisation should be rehearsed.

- It is sad that the whole beauty of creation cannot be fixed. Are you agree?

- I make photos and videos, it's all saved in e-format. And how can you save anything forever? Nothing is preserved forever, even the wonders of the light will break up with time. This is the very charm of sand animation, it has psychological functions, as an education of stress-resistance. For example, small children are recommended to paint on the sand, because when you create something, everything immediately disintegrates. You can blow and the drawing will disappear immediately. Then you create something new. It develops a fantasy, fine motor skills, a vision of light and shadow, which help a person to think in 3D.

- How do you think is it possible to learn?

- Surely. You know, I’m not a teacher. Teaching needs development of the technique, algorithms, instructions, and sketches. Almaty sand painting schools invite young people children to learn the ropes of this art. Besides, Russian artist Arthur Kirrilov has a very big school. I used his video for training.

- What do you need for making masterpieces?

To do this, you need a special table that has a highlight from the inside with a glass surface, on which sand is poured. Sand is also not any suitable. Thus, an ordinary sand used for construction will not work, because there is rubbish, uneven granules, dust and in general it is dirty. Sand for work is prepared in a special way, it is calcined at a high temperature, I do it in the oven. The sand is washed, sieved, in order for the granules to be uniform. Let's say I have sand from Vesuvius, volcanic sand, it is considered the most expensive for drawing from sand. I have sand from the shores of the Indian Ocean, from the Mediterranean and other foreign countries.

- How do you manage to find exclusive material?

"During my trips … 500 grams of sand is enough for painting. It makes no difficulties to bring a kilo of sand from any country with you - it's easy and customs is not asked, why do I need a sandbag. Each time I look around, I think about my work.

-What about Kazakhstan’s earth?

- I have some. During the last journey to Aktau, I had no chance to bring sand from the Caspian Sea. But I want to go there once again.

- Is demand for your show high? What about the timeline?

- You know it depends on the season. Certainly, the summer is a hot season due to a lot of events. What about timeline I’m a freelancer. I get calls from customers, I listen to their history, listen to the order and decide for myself whether I take these clients or not.

- To whom do you dedicate your works?

- I like to make pleasant things for birthdays, especially for acquaintances, friends or unfamiliar people, but they have for me a definite value for them, I can draw their portrait for free and put on their pages in social networks as a surprise. There are various holidays that take place in orphanages, boarding schools or in communities where people do not have the opportunity to pay for the show and I happily participate in them. For example, Russian singer Sati Kazanova sang at one festival and, as an accompaniment of her songs, I was offered a sand show. I certainly agreed, free of charge, because she is a good star and for me, it was prestigious to be with her on the same stage.

- Recently you have presented speaking to the heart picture dedicated to the death of the Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten. Why two images: a portrait and a silhouette?

- Here it seems to me everything is logical and quite naturally understandable. That is, when each person learned the news of his death, it caused some emotions. Someone rushed to write sad posts on social networks, someone went to the scene of the tragedy, someone went to the requiem. Due to my creative vision, I laid my inner resonance on the sand. I knew that this incident occurred, but that it was a fatal outcome, I found out when I was traveling in a taxi. When I came home, I immediately started drawing. Silhouette - a skater, a guy who stretches his arms forward, in a professional sports pose, clearly skated skates - this is a straightforward illustration. Portrait - Denis Ten's face is a landmark for the whole world, as the saying goes, the country should know its heroes.

- The most unusual place you used for sand painting?

- It is always my professional table.   If they just give me a piece of glass and a bag of sand, I probably will not paint. Maybe I'll be pampered, but to do serious work - no, I do not dare, I'd rather trust professional equipment.

- You stand at the origins of sand painting. Do you watch the development of the Almaty rivals?

- I monitor the market, demand, offers. I see that artists are emerging. But this genre does not become super popular. But it is loved by all. Someone can say that the fashion has passed. This may cease to be a trend, but there are a lot of lovers. People are making progress in this field.

- Will you ever give up sand painting?

- Maybe. Any artist has such a moment in his life, you became fresh out of ideas or reach your potential. This year I have a few sand paintings, but a lot of stylistic, teaching. It happened.. If you do this without a soul, then the audience will be noticeable. So far this has not happened and I will draw.

- The last thing you drew and what will be your next amazing creation?

- The last thing was: the fairy tale "Cinderella". It was a project for a summer club. It was an evening of classical music for children and their parents. There was a string quartet from the ballet "Cinderella", and I drew a fairy tale with sand. Children and parents were delighted. There are plans to record several videos. This spontaneously appears more and more. Pages in social networks on the sand show more turn into an obituary, because of the last posts Batyrkhan Shukenov, Oleg Anofriev, Denis Ten, etc. I'm still a creator and I love a bright mood. Recently, a young man who wants to make an offer to his girlfriend with the help of a sand show called me. I asked to write to me details and based on his story, we'll create an animation, at the end of which her name and the main question Will you marry me? will be written I think it will pull her heart-strings.

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