CIS countries continue to adapt to modern realities – the expert

17 October, 2017, 14:36 8045
CIS countries continue to adapt to modern realities – the expert

The expert commented on participation of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in the summits of the CIS and EEU which have taken place in Sochi on October 11.

In Sochi at the meeting of heads of states of the CIS leaders have continued discussion of complex adaptation to the changing world around conditions, correspondent told by the director of the department of the Eurasian integration of the MFA of Kazakhstan Ermukhamet Konuspayev.

According to the concrete agenda of meetings in Sochi it should be noted that within the CIS further advance of complex adaptation of the Commonwealth to the changing world around conditions attracts attention. The expert has reminded that this process was started by a speech of the President of Kazakhstan at the summit of the CIS of two-year prescription to Burabaye when he has read a number of subject offers in this respect. One year later these initiatives have received the reflection in the decision of the Bishkek summit of the CIS "On adaptation of the Commonwealth of Independent States to modern realities".

"Among concrete manifestations there is implementation of this decision - redistribution of powers between council of heads of states and Council of Heads of Government, system transformation of performing structures of the Commonwealth. In particular, their personnel structure is already optimized, and the Economic court of the CIS is transferred to ad hoc operating mode, that is it is not permanent structure and judges gather only in need of consideration of concrete affairs," he said.

One more important area of work of the CIS Ermukhamet Konuspayev called continuation of cultural and humanitarian cooperation of our countries.

"For many Kazakhstan citizens most symbolically and pleasantly, perhaps, the decision of presidents on declaration in 2020 as the cultural capital of the CIS of the large megalopolis of our country – the city of Shymkent," he emphasized.

Besides, at a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council (SEEC) along with arrangements in the concrete areas of work positive influence of improvement of work of EEU on economic development of the states entering it was noted. In the current year, in particular, it was expressed in growth of commodity turnover between members of association, with a parallel growth of indicators of their trade with the third countries.

Discussion on the SEEC platform of need of joint advance of processes of digitalization of economies of the countries of EEU became also important innovation.

"The president of Kazakhstan suggested to charge to the governments that they have submitted for consideration of heads of states subject offers on development of mechanisms of the corresponding work already in the near future to convene a special meeting on this subject next year. In general, discussion of scope of digitalization at so high interstate level shows relevance of efforts of our government in this sphere and the new program "Digital Kazakhstan," the expert told.

As the speaker emphasized, similar meetings are preceded by big preparatory work of diplomats and specialists of many other public authorities in order that presidents could consider already deeply worked and comprehensively agreed offers on the concrete directions of collaboration of member countries and, respectively, to give an assessment to quality of their study, having made on them the final decision.

From the political point of view, according to the expert, the value of the summits of interstate associations, consists also in their use for verification of positions of neighboring states at the highest level on nodal questions of the regional and global agenda. A part of questions at the same time not always falls within the scope of powers of these organizations. Besides, the summits in the former Soviet Union also the convenient platform for the organization of necessary bilateral meetings at the level of heads of states, at the same time not necessarily appropriately issued. It is necessary to consider that the certain CIS countries aren't included into other regional formats which part is Kazakhstan, such as EEU, SCO or CCTS.

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