Kazakhstan won't send the peacekeepers to Syria neither now, nor in the future - the expert

21 September, 2017, 09:34 6114
Kazakhstan won't send the peacekeepers to Syria neither now, nor in the future - the expert

Now Kazakhstan is the non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and perfectly understands that in the future the question of sending Kazakhstan peacekeepers to Syria won't have relevance. Astana hasn't got used to circumvent to realities. The head of Club of political scientists South Caucasus Ilgar Velizade shared such opinion with BNews.kz own correspondent in Baku.

"It is not in the rules of Astana as involvement of the new player in the Syrian policy is fraught only with a situation complication. When on the agenda there is a question of a conflict de-escalation, any external intervention even with good intentions can look inappropriate," he emphasized.

The president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the meeting with journalists in Astana has spoken on September 14 conditions of sending peacekeepers by Kazakhstan to de-escalation zones in Syria. According to N. Nazarbayev, the question of sending the military to Syria can be considered by Kazakhstan only in the presence of the decision of the United Nations on sending such forces.

"Recently media suggested that Kazakhstan was offered to send the peacekeepers to a zone of the Syrian conflict, It was based on unconfirmed information. Unfortunately, similar information began to acquire various rumors and insinuations, in particular, concerning pressure which is allegedly put upon Astana from the outside. The final end to this question was put by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, having said that the authorities of Kazakhstan can send the peacekeeping contingent to Syria if the similar decision is made at the level of the UN. Thus, the President has taken away the risks fraught with serious damage to image of the country which initially relied on the principles of the UN in this difficult question and even, having provided the platform for negotiation between the parties participating in the conflict kept a neutrality and necessary endurance," the Azerbaijani expert commented.

Such position of Astana, its contribution to business of permission of the Syrian crisis haunt those who nourish idea to discharge Kazakhstan of so important process.

"The fact that the UN is the authoritative opinion of this organization is decisive in a question of participation of the Kazakhstan peacekeepers in the Syrian conflict shows firmness of foreign policy priorities of Kazakhstan and universal character of foreign policy of Astana leaning, first of all, on a primacy of international law," I. Velizade considers.

According to the expert, in Kazakhstan it is always considered and consider that violation of the international law is the reason of a large number of the conflicts on the planet which can be resolved, only being guided by rules of the international law.

We will remind that in Syria since March, 2011 armed conflict between paramilitary forces on the one hand and paramilitary groups of insurgents continues. Negotiations on the Syrian settlement take place in Geneva and Astana.

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