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1,2 trillion tenge invested in Kazakhstan infrastructure in 2017

31 January, 17:17 241
1,2 trillion tenge invested in Kazakhstan infrastructure in 2017

This amount is 14.1% of country’s portfolio investment.

Share of transport and logistics into national GDP remains at 8%, Energyprom.kz reported.

Results of 2017 shows that 1.2 tn tenge was invested into logistics and transport sector, 6.3% more compared to last year or 0.2 %  with account of inflation rate.

The largest chunk falls to Atyrau region (22/3%, 274.8 bln tenge, +51.7% per year). Top list includes Astana (17%, 209.6 bln tenge, +21.1% per year), and Almaty region (9.1%, 112.5 bln tenge  32.4% less in comparison to last year).

During the Republican meeting, the Minister of Investment and Development, Zhenis Kasymbek, said that investments in the development of infrastructure, transport, and logistics for the last decade amounted to $ 30 billion. During this period more than 2 thousand km of railways were built, 6.3 thousand km of roads were reconstructed, capacities of the Caspian Sea were expanded to 26 mln tons, and 15 airports were remodeled, reported the head of the department.

Also, the active infrastructure building positively affected on Kazakhstan’s ratings   in international arena.  For example, in 2014 Kazakhstan’s World Bank’s Index of Logistics Performance was at 88. This rate went up to 77 in 2016. According to government program “Nurly Zhol”, Kazakhstan is aiming to 40 place in 2020. 

37%o of the total amount if investments in transportation and warehousing for 2017 were accumulated by private business investments, 31.5% was made by capital investments, 18.8% - bank loans, and 12.6% - other borrowed funds.

Implementation of transit transport projects has brought positive results. Due to cooperation of programs “Nurly Zhol” and “Economic belt of the Silk Road” 70% of infrastructure is on utilization.  Kazkahstani raiways transport a large number of goods to the countries of Europe, Central Asia, and Persian Gulf. Moreover, last year a car ferry terminal was launched in port Kuryk, which is the nexus in the Trans Caspian Transport Corridor.

According to the Ministry of investment and Development, in 2013-2017  record number of transit goods were transported via Kazakhstani roads, 2,1 mln tons (1.56 mln in 2013, 1.49 mln tons in 2014, 1.2 mln in 2015, and 1.4 mln tons in 2016). An increase compared to 2016 was for 50%. It is planned to increase volume of container traffic for 10 times by 2020.

For 3 quarters of 2017 the gross added value of transport and logistics sector reached 2.7 trn tenge, which is 4.7% more than last year (7.6% of GDP). The sector’s share in the country’s GDP for 2016 was 8.3%, in 2015 – 8.6%.