1st dog run appeared in Baikonyr district

03 August, 2018, 12:07 212
1st dog run appeared in Baikonyr district

It is a pilot project initiated by Astana Mayor Asset Issekeshev.

The dog run - dedicated area (usually enclosed by a fence) of a park where dogs may be exercised untethered, which would otherwise be in violation of local leash laws appeared in one of the capital districts, BNews.kz correspondent has learned from the official website of the office of Atana Mayor.

The total square of the special area is 90 square meters is enclosed by a fence and equipped with equipment for training dogs: slide, barrier, log.

In words of deputy governor of Baikonyr district Ruslan Oralov,  analogue dog runs (10 units) will be a feature of multi-storeyed houses and squares.

The only dog run in Baikonyr district is a pilot project which was realized at a give-away price. However, in the future, such kinds of works will be a part of the technical specifications.

The building of such an area was of an acute need for residents of the near houses. There was no special area for dogs to run and they are to keep company with children.

It should be noted similar area two or three will be built in Molodoyzhy district and one more big area will be on Pushkin Street near crossroad with Shakarim Street.

According to canvass, such areas will be built as required.