200 websites for drug sales were closed in Kazakhstan – Minister of Internal Affairs

14 June, 2018, 16:30 258
200 websites for drug sales were closed in Kazakhstan – Minister of Internal Affairs

But, it is not always possible to prosecute the sellers, the Minister said.

About 200 websites for synthetic drugs sales have been revealed over two years in Kazakhstan, it was said by Minister of Internal Affairs Kalmukhanbet Kassymov, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

“Over the last year, we revealed 198 such websites, we take measures on them and punish them. There are the facts when we reveal the persons who distribute them,” said Kassymov.

He noted that there are various ways to deliver drugs. Among them, from online resources, sending letters via email, by post offices and with the use bookmarks. Kassymov noted that these issues are traced and the Ministry of Internal Affairs has a special force – the Office against drugs and the department that deals with electronic crimes. But, according to him, the issues are even worse than one can imagine and many factors depend on how fast the relevant laws will be adopted.

“In accordance with the law that we ratified certain substances cannot be seen as the drug. We each time define by law that heroin is the drug, opium is the drug, once it is included into the list the, we consider it as the drug. The person who was cough with it is brought to criminal responsibility,” said the Minister.

According to Kassymov, the issue is that synthetic drug always changes its formula. He noted that those people who distribute it are detained, and it becomes known that the drug can not be found in the list.  

“We cannot bring this person to criminal responsibility, and at the same time, we make a fast decision to include the found drug into the list of drug substances. But, it is a long procedure, the relevant law is not adopted, it passes the consideration of government agencies, the Majilis, Senate. 5-6 months are spent on it, the manufactures change a formula of the drug and then again enter the market of our states,” said Kassymov.

The Minister noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has studied the international experience and made attempts to deal with the issues, tried to make it as an analogue, to conduct expertise.  

“Such expertise is lasted for 3-4 months, and sometimes for a year. In many countries they are dealt with differently, introducing secondary legislation. Russia, Uzbekistan dealt with it at the governmental level, Belarus has chosen another way, the list is compiled by the Minister of Healthcare there. In our country, we will compile the list following the decree of the Government, now the law is submitted to the Government for consideration. Also, we change with all countries where the new drug is reveled, they give us samples, and we include them into our list,” said Kassymov.