Kazakshtan observes a record amount of investment in environment in 2018

22 November, 2018, 11:47 1062
Kazakshtan observes a record amount of investment in environment in 2018

The amount of investment for 10 months has equaled KZT 61.1 billion, a 3-fold increase compared to last year (KZT 23 billion). 



Among the leading regions in the amounts of investment in environmental protection are the Akmola region (KZT 24.6 billion), the Atyrau region (KZT 7.8 billion) and the Zhambyl region (KZT 7.1 billion), BNews.kz reports referring to finprom.kz.   

Kazakhstan with the OECD has prepared a public 'green' investments programme with the Environmentally Friendly Public Transport programme as its pilot project. The first pilot stage will be implemented in the cities of Shymkent and Kostanay, suggesting the replacement of 300 old buses with new ones running on cleaner fuels.  

The total cost of investment will be US $ 29 million (KZT 9.9 billion). The second expanded stage with more cities plans to replace up to 2.8 thousand buses. The total amount of investment can reach US $ 276 million (KZT 94.6 billion), and the amount of public funding will be US $ 136 million (KZT 46.6 billion). 

In the near 2 years, solar and biogas stations will appear in Kazakhstan, as well as the construction of 4 hydroelectric power stations with a total capacity of over 20 MW is planned. The projects will be realized by the help of investors: 53 companies from Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Turkey, the UAE, and Bulgaria already took part in tendering, following which 15 companies could conclude a 15-year contract.   

Following 2017, KZT 34.5 billion was invested in Kazakhstan in 'green' economy. Of which KZT 18.9 billion (54.7%) was invested in renewable energy sources and KZT 15.6 tenge (45.3%) to energy-saving technologies and improving energy efficiency.  

There are 55 facilities of renewable energy sources with a total capacity of 336 MW in Kazakhstan. IN April 2014, the largest solar power station called Burnoye was constructed in the Zhambyl region, with a total cost of US $123 million, of which US %91 million (75%) is the investment of international financial institutions.  

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