Academy Awards introduced new nomination

10 August, 2018, 10:15 481
Academy Awards introduced new nomination

In addition to the new category, the Academy introduced new changes to the oeder of the holding of the ceremony. 


The Academy Awards will have a new nomination Best Popular Film, RIA Novosti reports. 

The letter of the heads of the Academy says that they will create a new category for great achievements in popular films. They say that the criteria and other details will announced later. 

It is known that in addition to the new catecory, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences introduces other changes in the holding of the ceremony. From now on, less popular categories will not be broadcast alive on the TV, which will reduce the time of the ceremony. In addition, the 92th award ceremony will be held not on February 23 2020 as usual, but on February 9 in order to be ahead of other film awards. At the same time, it is being specified that the date of the 91th ceremony will remain, it will take place in Los Angeles at the Dolby theatre on February 23 2019.