Adventures in Kazakhstan by Euronews to be aired on September

09 August, 2018, 11:28 763
Adventures in Kazakhstan by Euronews to be aired on September

ENG crew will travel Borovoye resort area, Alatau Mountain, Almaty, Aktau and other regions of the country. correspondent has learned that ENG crew of Euronews  NBC has arrived in Kazakhstan at the invitation of Kazakh Tourism NC JSC  to produce Adventures cycle narrating about the potential of Kazakhstan’s active tourism.

The program about Kazakhstan will consist of four episodes and will be aired in September 2018 on international TV channel.

ENG crew including journalist Marta Brambilla Pisoni, journalist, cameraman, photographer specialized in humanitarian aid stories Thierry Winn and Dmitry Lee had visited Boroboye resort to capture on video one of the original Kazakh national traditions - falconry.

The local berkutchi (Kazakh eagle hunters)demonstrated to members of the crew not only the process of falconry but also shared the basic skills of training the wild golden eagle.

To date, the Euronews team is located in the Alatau Mountains, where an episode is shot about the possibilities of active tourism such as hiking, mountain bike, and downhill. According to the members of the film crew, the natural landscapes, majestic mountains and alpine meadows of the Almaty region were ideally suited for this.

Marta Pison is impressed of Kazakhstan’s beautiful nature, kind and warm-hearted people. In addition, the journalist noted a huge choice of versatile relaxation for any tourist. Following Almaty, the crew is going to Aktau for making a video of Jeep-tour in Mangystau region. Mountain ski tourism, which will be filmed in December this year in Almaty will crown the program cycle.

Adventures with the slogan Experience the thrill of travel with a journey quite out of ordinary is one of the rating TV programs of the Euronews TV channel with the audience of more than 250 million people.

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