AEF: Sobchak told on democracy oil prices and presidential bid

18 May, 2018, 17:00 344
 AEF: Sobchak told on democracy oil prices and presidential bid

Ksenia Sobchak  supposes  that most of the most successful countries are democratic.

The Russian TV host, actress, and socialite Ksenia Sobchak answered a question what way of development is right for Kazakhstan while speaking on the sidelines of the Astana Economic Forum which is being held in Astana, correspondent informed.

"I cannot say which way Kazakhstan needs, it's your country, I respect your sovereignty, I do not think that Kazakhstan, as some Russian politicians sometimes say, is Russia's younger brother, or something like that. I consider this position insulting, it is not so, you are an absolutely independent successful state, you have many positive things that you should pay attention to, and which way to choose is the choice of the Kazakh people. talk about Russia, because I understand the processes, which occur there, is firmly convinced of the decisions that are needed, "she said.

In the opinion of Ksenia Sobchak most of the most successful countries, not only from the point of view of economic growth but also other factors, are democratic.

"It's a universal way, any person who gets into this system, begins to change regardless of mentality. In Asian countries, we see a huge number of super successful examples of democratic systems. Exceptions to the rules only confirm the rules. We are told about Singapore every day in the news,"  Ksenia Sobchak announced

As an example of how the choice of the political system affects the sustainable development of states, Mrs. Sobchak mentioned North and South Korea.

Ksenia Sobchak also spoke about Kazakhstan's positive example of getting rid of oil dependence: "It's impossible to sit on the oil game forever, and Kazakhstan understands this." The price of oil can change in any direction. "Kazakhstan is gradually restructuring the economy, trying to change what is happening from the point of view of economic dependence, etc. This is certainly the right way in which, for example, the Arab countries go, realizing that their economy is based on oil production, but knowing that it needs to be changed, and that money and what you earn now on oil, you need to spend on very different types of economy within the country. This is the only way to get rid of oil dependence and build yourself some kind of future. In this regard, the example of Kazakhstan is positive: when you use money from oil resources on creating new areas of the economy "

Besides, while speaking Sobchak explained her decision to take part in the presidential bid.

It is impossible to win in the casino.  It is impossible to win from Vladimir Putin  It is a fact… For me a chance to take part in the presidential bid was an opportunity to demonstrate an alternative point of view,” she added.

As reported earlier the AEF is being held in a new format. 500 guests from over 24 world countries take part in the event. The agenda of the Forum: resource sustainability and longevity to global security and the organization of megacities of the future. The forum will discuss 11 topics. Among them: urbanization of the population; the fight against inequality between the rich and the poor; The problems associated with the loss of anonymity due to the development of information technology.

Astana Economic Forum is an annual Eurasian business event.

Over the past decade, more than 50 000 delegates from 150 countries attended the events, including 0 Nobel Prize winners and more than 30 prominent politicians.

Over 300 memoranda and agreements totaling US 20 billion were signed during the Congress.

A wide variety of scientists, economists, journalists, politicians, world-renowned think tanks and business leaders have spoken at the Forum over years.