Agency for Civil Service Affairs proposed to create a single document for providing public services

12 July, 2018, 15:48 264
Agency for Civil Service Affairs proposed to create a single document for providing public services

It will allow to gather all existing standards, regulations and rules to provide services to citizens.

Director of the Department of Public Services of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption Ildar Uisumbayev on the sidelines of the working meeting of the Agency told about the novelty that will allow to create a single legal act in order to make it for service receivers and service providers to easily orientate when receiving and providing public services, correspondent reports.

According to the head of the Department, for the first half year of the present year, the Agency revealed about 100 thousand violations during checking the work of governmental agencies, of which the main ones are the use of superfluous documentations, the service provision when a package of documents is not complete and violation of terms.   

The main agencies where violations have been revealed, according to him, are the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Healthcare, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“Following all revealed facts, the employees were brought to disciplinary and administrative liability. But the matter is that the bringing offenders to disciplinary, administrative liability does not solve the problem. Such violations can repeatedly occur, therefore we elaborate recommendations on preventing causes and conditions of the violation. Therefore, the Agency holds the policy to prevent violations. Therefore, we present recommendations to governmental agencies, so they can independently reveal violations within their governmental agencies as part of internal control over the quality of public services, introduce recommendations to the leadership and prevent causes,” said Ildar Uisumbayev.

In addition, he noted that the Agency proposed to create a single legal act that would allow to prevent such violations in the future.

“As of today, the legislation regulates everything. There is the Law “On government activism”, there are the standards, there are the regulations, but violations mostly occur because many legal acts have collisions. And therefore the Agency proposed to create a single legal act in order to make it easy for service receiver and service provider to orientate,” said Uisumbayev.

According to him, the Ministry of Information and Communications was given the relevant instruction to consider the proposal. It will be considered within one month.

“All this is done to make citizens to know precise rules when receiving public services. I am, being a receiver of public services, arrive to the governmental agency, take the standard and say that following the standard you are to receive documents to the school, it includes 4 documents: health reference of the child; an identification card; a birth certificate and so on. But usually schools require superfluous documents, such as a workplace reference, a statement of residence. These documents are not regulated by the standard, but they are included into the rules. Therefore, in order to prevent such facts, we should create a single document,” said the Director of the Department.