Agriculture Ministry told the products Kazakhstan can stop importing

19 June, 2018, 12:05 293
Agriculture Ministry told the products Kazakhstan can stop importing

However, Kazakhstan can increase exports of meat products.

The export income of Kazakhstan from deliveries to external markets of lamb and beef can reach up to 2.6 billion dollars a year. It was said by Vice Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Arman Yevniyev at the session of the Government.

“Firstly, it includes meat products, including lamb and beef. The analysis has showed that under the support the export income from these products can reach 2.6 billion dollars,” said Yevniyev.

According to him, Kazakhstan possesses key factors for successful implementation of the meat sector: grazing lands, arable lands, work force and the nomadic past. At the same time, a number states of Asia and the Middle East are attractive export markets with stable imports increase of lamb and beef.

“It is certain, both of our neighbouring states – Russia and China – are large importers. Also, the positions were defined following which there are free niches in the market and import should be eliminated. It includes dairy products, poultry meat, fruit and vegetables. The potential of additional production is more than 1 billion dollars there (poultry – from 180 to 740 thousand tenge, the increase of dairy products by 1 million tons),” said Yevniyev.

He noted that in order to increased the production of such products and to increase exports volume, it is necessary to revise the approaches of development of these sectors, to increase the accessibility of financing. Taking into account a long payback period, the financing measures should have been envisaged for a longer term than the national program, the Vice Minister said.