Ayka film receives International Festival's Grand Prix in Germany

12 November, 2018, 12:02 645
Ayka film receives International Festival's Grand Prix in Germany

190 films from 40 states were submitted for the main prize of the Film Festival. 


Ayka film by Sergey Dvortsevoy, with Kazakh actress Samal Yesslyamova playing the main role, received the Grand Prix of the 28th International Film Festival held in Cottbus (Germany), BNews,kz correspondent reports referring to Kazakh 24

The Film Festival had 190 films from 40 states competing for the main prize. The Festival included two film screenings.

Russian director Sergey Dvortsevoy brought his film to Germany.   

The German audience was struck by the story about a migrant worker and her hard challenges in Moscow, admitting that the film was moving thanks to the Kazakh actress's wonderful performance. In addition to the Grand Prix, the film was awarded the special jury prize.

"I have been taking part in festivals for a long time, as well as in making films. And it is always nice to get a prize. This means that people are satisfied with our job. A huge work was done on Tulip, and while preparing for Ayka, I realized that she should play the role, although she is not Kyrgyz. She played a Kyrgyz girl, to master the language, and I had absolute faith in her as Samal is a great talent," said Sergey Dvortsevoy. 

In early October it was known that Kazakhstan's film Ayka by Sergey Dvortsevoy was longlisted for Oscar along with other films from 87 states. 

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