Akmola artist’s unusual hobby wins over planet

20 July, 2018, 14:23 242
Akmola artist’s unusual hobby wins over planet

The artist and sculptor Bektas Karimuly is known not only in the region and the republic, but also outside the country.

This year National Museum held an exhibition where Bektas Karimuly works were presented.  The exhibition was the prime interest of the visitors, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

 An ordinary scene shifter expresses their emotions in creativity, which has strong support in everyday life and traditions of the Kazakh people. They are clearly reflected in his paintings, written in watercolor and oil, and other products.

Any creative nature has an interest in learning and mastering new types of products. Bektas Karimuly is no exception. Three years ago he began to study the art of making sculptures from animal bones. Without damaging the structure of the bones of the sheep's shoulder blade and cattle, it creates unique souvenir products.

The sculptor and artist's creative heritage for today is more than 1000 written paintings, and more than 200 figurines made of bones. And they never go unnoticed, they always take prizes. Evidence of the recognition of Bektas Karimuly's talent is the badge "Best worker in the sphere of culture", received by him in the Bayan-Ulgiy aimag (Mongolia), the first place at the last republican competition-festival dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory Day celebration in the hall of the Congress Hall Astana city, diploma Altyn burkit (Golden Eagle) and the main prize of the international exhibition The Nomads.

Our artist and sculptor won the main prize at the joint international art exhibition "The Voice of the Nomads". Being one of the invited from the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bektas Karimuly, unfortunately, could not go to the USA. But still, his paintings were duly recognized and presented together with other countries such as the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia. All this shows that the language of artworks of our fellow countryman is recognizable, understandable, and, most importantly, sincere. And because it is interesting and attractive to yourself.