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Aleksandr Kolyadin plans to participate in the next Paralympics

20 March, 2018, 11:54 522
Aleksandr Kolyadin plans to participate in the next Paralympics

The champion of the Paralympic Games in PyeongChang notes that only patience helped him to win.

The Paralympic National Team of Kazakhstan, that arrived from Korea, was received in the Airport of Astana, correspondent reports.

The athletes were met by their relatives, fans and journalists. Among the officials of the country, Minster of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Mukhamediuly attended.

Skier Aleksandr Kalyadin, who won a golden medal, says that the preparation to the Games was thorough.

“Not only athletes, but also the National Paralympic Committee and the Directorate of the National Staff Teams and Federation took part. It is a thorough precise mechanism. Large funds were allocated to purchase new prostheses, equipment and medical examination in Kazakhstan and abroad. Our trainer was always with us, gave us fighting spirit, talked and helped us,” the champion said to journalists.

To the question, what is it like to be the first Paralympic champion in the history of Kazakhstan, Kolyadin said that he is proud of his country, but cannot believe in his victory. The skier noted that he plans to take part in the next Paralympic Games: “One should believe in oneself and do not fear. One should fight. Yes, it will be difficult. There will be tears and disappointment. One should not put their hands down, but fight.”

Kalyadin noted that patience helped him to win.

The athlete highly appraised the quality of the ski slopes in South Korea: “All arrows are in the right side. The working leg of mine is a left one, then in turns I did not lose even seconds.”

According to Executive Director of the National Paralympic Committee Yerlan Suleimenov, a golden medal in the Paralympics has a great significance for Kazakhstan, because it became the first.

“Now, our athletes are energetic by one hundred percent, we saw it during their performances in the Cups and in trainings. The medal is not a sudden one. We believed that our athletes would reach their goals. The most important is that the medal would show other athletes that ones can be involved in the Paralympic sports and to represent Kazakhstan in the international arena. It demonstrates that our country is the same as others. They come to us, they take our advices,” Suleimenov said.  

The members of the Paralympic National Team of Kazakhstan wore traditional sport costumes. Champion Aleksandr Kalyadin wore the national hat Tubeteika on the occasion of the upcoming holiday of Nauryz.

We note that Kazakhstan in the 2018-Winter Paralympic Games was represented by six athletes. The single medal for our country was won by skier Aleksnadr Kolyadin. That is the first medal in the history of the republic in Paralympic Games. The athlete paved his way to the medal for over seven years. The Governor of Kostanay region, the birthplace of the athlete, promised to present him a flat.