All furniture and appliances from athletic village are donated to Almaty social institutions

14 February, 2017, 14:20 530
All furniture and appliances from athletic village are donated to Almaty social institutions

Within the framework of the project "Heritage of the Universiade” over 140, 000 household items, office equipment, special equipment from Athletic village were divided between 500 social institutions of Almaty, reports.

Purchased for athletes beds, refrigerators, washing machines, lamps, cabinets, tables, ironing boards, televisions, medical equipment, office equipment- about450 items were donated to urban hospitals, schools, clinics, kindergartens, colleges, sports schools, dormitories, house of veterans and etc.

"City hospitals carried out the preparatory work, material and technical base was improved, staff studied English language. After the games, we still feel the effect of the Universiade. We got the equipment, furniture and office equipment. All this will improve patient care. For example, new comfortable orthopedic mattresses really are always needed to after operations patients for comfort,” the Deputy Director of the Centre for perinatology and pediatric cardiac surgery Gauhar Koshkimbayeva said. 

"In addition to the unique sports facilities in Almaty thanks to the Games, the city administration decided to donate to objects of social sphere all new furniture, technics and equipment. For us it's a big support, especially for children living in the dorms, away from home,” the Director of Almaty State College of Power and Electronic Technologies Toleugali Taytuliyev said.

According to head of the directorate of sports facilities Sergey Apenko, the decision to donate all appliances and furniture to the objects of social sphere was made by the city administration.

"Mayor was requested from each institution on needs of technology, furniture, the special lists were prepared.  That is, every bed, every TV will be sent to special objects and used, “S. Apenko said.

As we have informed, in Almaty for the first time in the history of Universiade for athletes the Athletic village with 5000 seats was built. Within the framework of the project "Heritage of the Universiade” this housing will be distributed to waiting list applicants, the housing queue in the mega polis will be reduced by 10%.


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