Almaty charmed of new objets d'art

31 July, 2018, 16:07 206
Almaty charmed of new objets d'art

The author of the objets d'art is Eduard Kazaryan.

Almaty impressed by new objets d'art which installed at a crossroad of Panfilov and Kazybek Be Streets.  

One of the objets d'art is titled "Family".

“The Family is one of my early and favorite topics. It looks fresh and modern. The the feature of the mobile sculpture is you see some elements that have freedom. For me it's my family, childhood - me, brother, mom and dad. I did not strictly label a boy or girl, it's an unprincipled moment. It symbolically denotes where a man is, where a woman is, and children are just an image of a child," sculptor Eduard Kazaryan explains.

The second objet d'art has a beautiful title House-Bird. The magnificent sculpture amazes the citizens of the city.  

The last object is Jet bird S7-12. It was made in the technique of rusting.

"A jet bird is about the fusion of the mechanical and the sensual. We become more and more rational, the electronics takes more and more place in our life, and the same time an inappreciable particle of time and a few attention is given to our feelings," Eduard Kazaryan added.

It is interesting to note the sculptor often uses birds in his works. In his words, their image is associated with the freedom, the way of thinking, let's say, take off over vanity.