Almaty ecologists concerned about oaks’ infection

01 August, 2018, 16:42 293
Almaty ecologists concerned about oaks’ infection

According to experts trees are to be underwent disinfection.  

Speaking at a platform of public council, ecologists of Almaty announced all oaks in the city are infected, correspondent informs.

Discussing on regulations of maintenance and preservation of green plants, the experts essentially pointed out the maintenance, irrigation, treating and of course protection from pests and diseases.

“So popular around the world washing and sprinkle are not used in Almaty. The chestnut-leaved oaks are infected seriously. Naturally it is first of all preventive measures and protection,” head of ecological organization Green Help Svetlana Spatar said.

Head of the RSE Institute of Botany and Phyto-Intrusion Sergei Chekalin confirmed that the trees are infected with a serious infection, which was transmitted by pests.

"It is referred to pests - bugs who let the infection on chestnut and oaks, it's not a moth, but a pest-worm," Chekalin said.