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Almaty in 72 hours: a special route deigned for tourists

06 February, 15:34 232
Almaty in 72 hours: a special route deigned for tourists

Almaty 72 includes the main attractions of the city.

The tourist information center of Almaty designed a new tourist product “Almaty 72” for tourists and travelers, which will facilitate to get to know the city within three days as close as possible, the press-service of Visit Almaty reports.

“Each tourist arriving to the southern capital gets an universal check-list, that is a recommended list of places to get to know the city closer. The check-list includes the main attractions: the “Medeu” rink, the “Shymbulak” ski resort, the Green Bazaar, museums and other significant places. Tourists are also offered to taste dishes of the Kazakh national cuisine, to taste the Almaty aport and many other,” says the message of the tourist center sent on Tuesday.

According to the developers, 72 hours are three days, which can be filled with unforgettable impressions. It is quite easy to use such a guidebook - the brochure is put in the traveler's passport when crossing the border customs control, which provides 100% coverage of all foreign tourists. "The check-list is distributed absolutely free of charge at the airport, railway stations, information stands of Visit Almaty and in more than 40 points of the center's partners in three languages," says the information.

In addition, Visit Almaty is engaged in research in the field of tourism. "In 2017, we conducted a study of competitiveness and prospects for the development of tourism in Almaty, resulting in the development of a project called "100 steps", which developed a set of recommendations and specific actions for all players in the tourism market. These are the successive steps that are necessary for the development of tourism, from the development of a marketing plan for the promotion of the city, ending with the improvement of the service of the airport, railway and bus stations. We conducted a full inventory of more than 30,000 tourist sites in Almaty and the Almaty metropolitan area, and added them to the database. We have studied the world ratings, we are taking over the experience of developed tourist destinations," director of Visit Almaty Kamila Lukpanova , whose words are quoted in the press release, said.