Almaty practices unique treatment of eyes tumors

24 July, 2018, 15:05 213
Almaty practices unique treatment of eyes tumors

Number of Kazakhstani patients with oncology who get treatment abroad decreased twice.

Four Kazakhstani children get unique treatment of eyes tumors in Almaty,” director of the pediatric surgery research center of the Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan Riza Boranbaeva has announced at a press conference in Almaty, correspondent reported.

All types of therapy are carried out in Kazakhstan. Recently the Scientific Centre jointly with foreign and Russian experts has developed contemporary programs of the chemical therapy.

“Since 2012 the Centre holds surgeries on stem cells transplantations. Currently, the register of the cell’s donors is not full enough. We have only five thousand potential donors. This year a debut transplantation for Kazakhstani kid was carried due to the donor of our register,” Mrs. Boranbayeva explained.

The speaker added that patients who need unrelated transplantation are sent at the expense of public funds to foreign clinics. According to her, in 2016 about 20 children with cancer were sent for treatment to other countries, in 2017 - 11.

Annually, a certain number of children are sent abroad, mainly for transplantation of an unrelated donor. Due to the fact that in our centers, since 2012, the stem cells transplantation has been widely developed, now the number of these patients decreases all the time compared to previous years. We try to apply all technologies to ourselves. Recently we had a master class with Russian specialists on the intra-arterial administration of an intra-arterial introduction of chemical medicaments for an eye tumor. This method of treatment has not used in Kazakhstan before. Four children got this method. For this purpose we have the appropriate equipment, the specialists have undergone special training in this field,  "the director of the Scientific Centre summed up.