Almaty roads to be equipped with 'smart' lights

14 September, 2018, 18:04 290
Almaty roads to be equipped with 'smart' lights

It is planned to modernize traffic lights in metropolis.

450 smart traffic lights are expected to be installed in Almaty. Besides smart lightning of the auto roads will be launched in a pilot mode,” deputy chief of Almaty transport department Yerlan Adilov informed, correspondent reports.

This year a design and estimate documentation for the modernization of traffic lights has started this year.  About 450 traffic lights are planned to be introduced.  

As Yerlan Adilov assures innovations will allow simulate transport flows.

It should be noted the smart-lighting of highways and smart parking will be introduced in the pilot mode as well.  

There are more than 11 thousand parking spaces, more than 120 parking lots have been installed in the city.

Besides, the deputy chief of the Almaty transport department noted SMS-payment and QR-code -payment is introduced in order to promote e-payment in transport.

 Herewith it is necessary to note the city will be equipped with 60 Sergek video systems for monitoring of transport traffic and record violations on the roads.