Almaty simplifies the process of obtaining work permits by foreigners

06 December, 2018, 12:35 432
Almaty simplifies the process of obtaining work permits by foreigners

The staying order of tourists is also being simplified in the city. 


The city of Almaty introduces new approaches to the formation of a market of qualified foreign workforce. The procedure to obtain a permit for work purposes by foreign specialists has become simpler, they informed in the Department of Employment and Social Programmes of the city.

The city held a conference themed 'Formation of a effective migration policy within the improvement of an investment climate' involving Chairman of the Committee of Labor, Social Protection and Migration of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan Akmadi Sarbasov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tinikeyev, Deputy Chairman of the Migration Service Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Arman Sadanov and 200 foreign companies operating in Almaty. 

So a Centre of Migration Services in the Alatau District involving tax services, banks, medical facilities was opened in Almaty this year. The Centre provides such services as the medical examination, getting an insurance policy, and IIN. The same center is planned to be launched in the Nauryzbay District.  

In addition, the filling process has been shortened from 3 months to 30 days. The search for candidates by publishing vacancies in publications was canceled. Almaty has become the first region of Kazakhstan to fully switch to an electronic form of the submission of documents on   

According to Director of Work Permits Kazakhstan Daniyar Ibragimov, the conference was organized primarily for the enterprises with foreign specialists. 

"We have established this platform so foreign specialists could voice all their concerns, produce their proposals to representatives of government structures. Now open and trustful relations are established between government agencies and investors. The attraction of qualified foreign specialists creates conditions for ensuring the competitiveness of the economy. In addition, international specialists pass over their knowledge, experiences, qualifications, and specialization to local colleagues," said Ibragimov.

On top of that, the staying order of tourists is being simplified in the city. For instance, citizens of 45 states are freed to obtain visas for up to 30 days, as well as foreign citizens from 48 states, are registered by the local border guard of the Security Committee of Kazakhstan when entering the country up to the entire period of staying. 

Citizens of Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan are freed to register up to 30 days since the entry day, citizens of Ukraine - up to 90 days. Tourists from China and India in transit through the Almaty International Airport enjoy a 70-hour regime to enter, stay and leave the country. 90 hotels, hostels and motels of Almaty also registrate foreign visitors online.  

To attract foreign investors and specialists, Almaty has allocated 6 thousand quotas for 2018, involving specialists from Turkey, USA, Canada, South Korea, Western and Eastern Europe, which drive the development of construction, hotel business, oil and gas and trade in Almaty.  

Now 14 thousand enterpises involving foreign capital and workforce ply in teh city, as well as 45 thousand foreign dwellers. 

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