Almaty to hold watermelon festival

10 August, 2018, 10:38 340
Almaty to hold watermelon festival

Agriculure producers from Almaty and Turkestan regions will bring 9 tons of watermelons and more than a ton of melons to the Festival. 


10 tons of watermelons and melons will be brought to the thematic fair ARBUZ-FEST - 2018 in Almaty, BNews/kz reports with a reference to the Department of Agriculture and Veterinary of the city. 

On August 11, the square before Atakent will hold the ARBUZ-FEST - 2018 summer thematic fair.

9 tons of watermelon and more than a ton of melons of agriculture producers will be brought from Almaty and Turkestan regions. 

Traditionally, the price for the fruits will be belo market prices by 15%. Also, a mobile laboratory will operate in which byers could conduct express-tests on the content of nitrate in the products.   

According to the Department, the most active guests of the event can take part in contests and win presents. 

The fair begins on the morning at 08:00. 

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