Almaty to launch travel card for tourists

02 August, 2018, 18:07 318
Almaty to launch travel card for tourists

Owing to card of any ‘size’ it is possible for tourist to visit Shymbulak, Lesnaya Skazka, Kok Tobe resorts, six museums, zoo and etc.

Almaty Pass- a special travel card for tourist was developed by Visit Almaty Information Centre in conjunction with Onay Transport Holding, correspondent reports with a reference to the press service of Almaty Mayor’s Office.

The card provides for visiting main sights, discounts to hotels, cafes, and restaurants, as well as travel by public transport. Almaty Pass designed taking into account the world tourist experience of New York, Barcelona, London and etc.

Three types of the service marked with S, M, L symbols. The cost of the S package will be 7810 tenge ($ 23), M - 9455 tenge ($ 28) and L-11045 ($ 32) tenge.

L package provides for an unlimited number of trips by public transport and getting discounts when buying tours.

Almaty Pass is extremely important for the tourist potential of the city. Almaty is the main tourist destination for Kazakhstan. Almost every second foreign tourist starts his journey from Almaty. More than a quarter of the country's income in this industry falls on us, this contribution is now about 25-30%. Analyzing the position of Almaty and its contribution to the global tourism product, we have an understanding of what measures must be taken to ensure that foreign tourists come to visit us. One of such measures is the introduction of the Almaty Pass," director of the Visit Almaty Centre Kamila Lukpanova told.

According to the analytical of Visit Almaty Centre, the annual number of tourists arriving in Almaty is growing by 20%. So, in 2015, hotels and hostels in Almaty received 721 thousand tourists, in 2016 - 793 thousand, in 2017 - 969 thousand. Note that in 2017, the one-time capacity was 15456 beds. In the first quarter of 2018, this figure reached the level of 16133.

Visit Almaty an information center established at the Department of Tourism and External Relations of the city of Almaty, which on a daily basis provides tourists with information on the possibilities of pastime in Almaty and Almaty metropolitan area. The mission of the center is to promote tourism products on the international and domestic markets. An important part of Visit Almaty is the implementation of projects to promote tourism potential, conducting rating analysis, competitiveness of the region and opportunities for tourism development, as well as conducting research in this industry.

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