Almost 40% of small-sized active companies in Kazakhstan concentrated in Astana and Almaty

16 October, 2018, 12:45 838
Almost 40% of small-sized active companies in Kazakhstan concentrated in Astana and Almaty

The number of small-sized legal entities registered within the country for the end of September has reached 425 thousand, of which 154 thousand are active. 


The number of small-sized active enterprises has made up 153.5 thousand by the end of September, that is by 12.8% more compared to the previous year's figure of 136.1 thousand companies. Over the last four years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of small-sized active enterprises. So, for instance, in September 2014 their number was mere 99.6 thousand, reports.  

The number of registered small-sized legal entities also increases. As of today, their number equals to 425 thousand (a year ago - 396.2 thousand). 

It is also positive that the share of active enterprises out of the total number of registered ones in small-sized business also increases year-by-year. In September this figure reached 36.1% (a year ago - 34.3%). 

The most number of Kazakhstan's small-sized businesses is concentrated in Almaty - 34.9 thousand enterprises (a year ago - 31.5 thousand) and Astana - 24.9 thousand (a year ago - 16.4 thousand). Their number accounts for 39% of all small-sized active enterprises. 

Among the regions, the leaders are Karaganda region and East Kazakhstan region - 10.8 and 9.9 small-sized companies respectively. 

The lowest activity of small-sized businesses is observed in Kyzylorda and Atyrau regions, where the number of small-sized active legal entities equals 4.2 thousand in each. 

Wholesale and retail trading and car repair works - are traditionally the most spread type of activity for small-sized enterprises. Following September, 36.9 thousand companies operate which is 24% of all sectors. 

They are followed by construction - 15 thousand small-sized legal entities (the share of 9.8%). The third one among the most attractive directions for small-sized businesses is education - 14.9 thousand enterprises (the share of 9.7%). 

The cumulative market share of the three abovementioned directions - 43.5% or 66.7 thousand active small-sized businesses. 

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