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Amateur photographer from Turkey takes incredible shots in Astana

20 February, 10:05 226
Amateur photographer from Turkey takes incredible shots in Astana

Kazakhstanis are very photogenic, Bilal Arslan believes.

Breath-taking photos are taken by the citizen of Turkey in Kazakhstan, who works as a teacher in Astana, correspondent reports.

Bilal Arslan was born in Turkey. 20 years have passed since he left to search for adventures. The man destined to be in Kazakhstan eight years ago. Since then this country has been special for him.

“I fell in love with Kazakhstan. I like admiring it. People are photogenic here, they are beautiful. I get inspired when taking Kazakh customs, culture: the way they dress, talk. I happened to see them in yurts many times. In Almaty, I liked the incredible mountains, In Oskemen, I took many photos of landscape pictures. I think, that the whole world should see the beauty of Kazakhstan,” says the teacher to the correspondent.

Bilal told that he loves to draw since childhood. He liked to draw the surrounding world to paper. He had his own vision, and people always kept noting his talent.

“I had a good teacher in the class, who helped me to draw. Then I started to show interest in drawing. I started to take shots using my mobile phone. At time I thought, that I did not need a photo camera, I though that I would manage with the mobile phone. Once I tried to take photo using a professional photo camera, it was awful, everyone laughed at me,” says Bilal Arslan.

The photographer underlined that he did not passed any classes of photo art. Curiosity and outlook helped a lot.  

“I like portraits and landscape pictures. I was not taught it. I learned through videos on the Internet. I talked with photographers, they showed my mistakes. I observed their works. Then it went this way,” Bilal said.

Today, the teacher takes photos of everything that he sees: students, lessons, his work, the way to home.

“I receive inspiration from anything. But, I mostly like the preparation before taking photos, to set out, to travel and to capture this moment. During lessons, I capture mimics of children. Since 2013, I have been teaching skills of photo art in the lyceum in Astana. I adjust photos, make collages, do photoshops. That is very grabbing both the process and result,” the Astana resident said.