Amphitheater- new sight of Aktau

10 August, 2018, 13:13 397
Amphitheater- new sight of Aktau

The new amphitheater on the stage of which 1000 artists can perform, is equipped with modern sound and lighting equipment, panoramic Led-panels.

An amphitheater under the open sky was presented on the new embankment of Aktau, correspondent reports.

This is a large, modern, above 70 meters multi-functional stage, the height of 19 columns is 9 meters. The amphitheater is located on a new embankment with a length of 1 km 750 m, which was built in a record short time - for a month and a half.

Governor of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov congratulated citizens of Aktau on new unique sight of the city.

The Caspian Summit will start in Aktau in a few days. It is a marquee event for Aktau. The summit will unite heads of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Turkmenistan to discuss the legal status of the Caspian Sea. It should be noted the states can’t reach an agreement on the legal status of the Caspian Sea for the past 20 years. Governor of the region believes this important document will be signed in Akatu.

“Like any family that is preparing for the celebration, we will also hospitably meet and delight our guests. We arranged a new embankment, repaired roads, renewed street lighting, built new facilities, " Yeraly Tugzhanov noted.

The new amphitheater is equipped with modern sound and lighting equipment, panoramic Led-panels. 1000 artists can perform on stage simultaneously. 25 thousand people will be able to see the performance. The scene will host festivals, concerts, and other cultural events.

The sculpture of a mythical animal - a winged seahorse is placed above the central column. In the mythology of the Caspian Kazakhs, there are suyn aigyr (underwater horse) - horses or horses living under water. The height of the sculpture is 4 meters 20 cm. Immediately below the stage are technical rooms for both staff and props, as well as facilities for artists. In addition, special multi-purpose ramps and lifts have been installed here.

48 thousand square meters of block stone pavement around the amphitheater. 3 thousand square meters of luminant of block stone pavement just in front of the amphitheater is one more feature of the facility. During the cultural events, when connected to a computer, each bar will burn red, blue, yellow colors in time with the music being played.

4 rotundas, 6 viewing platforms (in the future will be built 6 more), 340 benches, 340 bins, 4 children's playgrounds, on one of them will equip an additional sports ground for the wrestling are placed on the new embankment. Next to the playgrounds will be installed 4 tents measuring 10 by 10 meters, under which there will be benches for campers. In addition, about 16 small architectural forms have been installed on the embankment.

The grand opening of the amphitheater was accompanied by a theatrical performance and a festive program with performances by the city's creative teams.