Angel flew away: Astana said goodbye to Denis Ten

21 July, 2018, 12:17 875
Angel flew away: Astana said goodbye to Denis Ten

Kazakhstan mourns for the great champion.

Today July 21, 2018, hundreds of residents of the capital paid tribute to the memory of the outstanding modern figure skater, the bronze medalist of the Olympics in Sochi - Denis Ten, correspondent reports.

Prominent athletes Daniyar Yeleusinov, Beirut Shumenov, Dinara Saduakasova, Yekaterina Aydova, Denis Kuzin, deputies Kazakhstan’s Mazhilis, representatives of the Astana Mayor’s Office, Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev, ambassadors of Japan and Korea to Kazakhstan and other representatives of public authorities took part in the funeral ceremony.

This is a tragedy when the pride of Kazakhstan leaves. This is a lesson for us. Farewell and forgive, Denis, " Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev said.

"We can’t express all the sorrow that we are experiencing now, with sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of Denis Ten, who was not only an outstanding talent, but also a good-natured man who always helped and cared for his relatives. This is a huge tragedy both for his homeland - Kazakhstan, and for the Koreans of Kazakhstan. Denis Ten is a descendant of the outstanding fighter of the country against the Japanese colonialists, General Min Gin Ho. We will always remember the hero of his country, a close friend of the Republic of Korea Denis Ten, " Ambassador of Korean Republic in Kazakhstan Kim Dae-sik said.


Famous Kazakh athletes, again and again, noted that Denis Ten was an open, bright man.

"I knew Denis very well, often met, despite the fact that he is"winter", and I am a" summer one". I have not seen him in a bad mood for all the years, he was always cheerful, funny, often joking., I did not believe in his death for a long time. This is a great sorrow.We all lost a great man, a strong athlete. Express my  condolences to relatives, Rest in peace ," boxer Daniyar Yeleusinov, winner of the 2016 Olympic Games said.

"Denis was a bright, purposeful, multi-faceted man, he was a man with a big letter, and I want to once again offer my condolences to the relatives and friends of Denis, he will remain forever in our hearts," chess player Dinara Saduakasova added.

"It's hard, like the loss of the closed one, being a mother I imagine what a great sorrow for the parents of Denis is, dear, charming boy. For his 25 years he did something that many could not do in decades. He flashed like a bright star, he wanted to do a lot, he wanted to achieve a lot, Denis is an example for all of us, let him rest in peace, the angel flew away, we will always remember him, it's a grief, I can’t  believe.  Denis Ten is a great man, patience for his mother and father, the whole world with them now," a resident of Astana Gulzhan said with difficulty holding back  her tears.

All photos made by Bauyrzhan Zhuassbayev