Argali jacklighters detained in Turkestan region

02 August, 2018, 18:42 336
Argali jacklighters detained in Turkestan region

 A preliminary amount of damage is 10 822 500 tenge.

“Three locals of Achisay village in Kentau city were detained for illegal hunting of argali in the territory of the Karatau Nature Reserve in the Turkestan region,” the Forestry Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, correspondent reports.

 On July 28 while the raid events, the inspectors of the protection department of the Karatau Nature Reserve detained three residents of Achisay village on the territory of the reserve for illegal hunting.

While detention single-barrel smooth-bore hunting rifle 16 caliber, two cartridges, one carcass, one binocular and two walkie-talkies were exempted.

According to the authority,  a head of an argali aged 11-12 years was found during the search event at the foot of Mount Maylykar.

It should be noted in accordance with the conclusions of the expert, the head, and carcass of the Karatau argali (endemic of Karatau) found in the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan., an operational group of the Kentau City Department of Internal Affairs was called up at the scene. The preliminary amount of the damage is 10 822 500 tenge.

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