Artificial heart is a chance for free-living – Astana Cardiac Surgery Centre

01 August, 2018, 16:09 303
Artificial heart is a chance for free-living – Astana Cardiac Surgery Centre

During the rehabilitation period the doctors are unremitting in their attention to the cases.

National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Centre carries out the most complex surgeries for the implantation of an artificial heart. Currently, some patients are adjusting to a new life with the artificial heart. Thus 36 years-old Aleksei Chaban from Petropavlovsk told on his feelings following the artificial heart transplantation and project for life, correspondent reports.

The patients of the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Centre who underwent implantation of the artificial heart of the French company CARMAT are under the supervision of doctors during the rehabilitation period and try to live a normal life. The patients carry a special bag weighting about 3kg to feed the artificial organ due to artificial batteries.

According to Aleksei Chaban, to date, he is comfortable notwithstanding the sound of the device.  When the quality of life becomes better, a man is no longer spies faults,” Aleksey shared his thoughts.

In response to a question about his attitude toward new technologies in medicine, Chaban replied that this is a very important development for any country. “This disease (heart failure) has no nationality, it can affect anyone,” the patient noted.

The young man's plans are prosaic. He dreams of returning to normal life and spending more time with his daughter.

"Work, sport, family. The way of life of the ordinary people (laughs), that is, get a heart transplant, and live a normal life, " Aleksei Chaban.

Speaking about rehabilitation, he added that the physical form after the surgery can be even better than before the onset of the disease.

Being encouraged by his mother who underwent cardiac transplantation three years ago, Aleksei believes the quality of his life will be better and he will be a free-living man.

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