ASEM Summit's final document includes Kazakhstan's initiatives to strengthen interreligious dialogue

23 October, 2018, 12:04 608
ASEM Summit's final document includes Kazakhstan's initiatives to strengthen interreligious dialogue

The document also includes priority cooperation areas for Kazakhstan, including vocational training, transport and logistics, food security, energy and innovations, energy efficiency. 


Head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed to the Chairman and participants of the 12th Summit of the 'Asia-Europe Meeting' held in Belgium a few days ago, correspondent reports referring to an official website of the Akorda.  

Following the Kazakh President, these days as a result of the increase in trouble spots around the world, as well as the rise of sanctions and trade wars, the international tensions deepen. In this connection, according to Nazarbayev, it is necessary to use the 'Asia-Europe Meeting' to deal with the abovementioned issues.   

"History has taught us that constructive dialogue between great powers is a guarantee of global stability and security. Unfortunately, the international community is not able to reach such a dialogue and mutual understanding at the current stage. Today's economic, political and military confrontations, that we witness, so little like the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 60s of the past century. In particular, when the NATO approached the borders of the Russian Federation. While this issue remains unsolved, how can we build a common future, to establish mutual sustainable relations? Therefore, our Summit should call upon the large states, like the USA, Russia and China, as well as the European Union, to assume their responsibility towards humanity and search for solutions to international conflicts," said the head of state. 

Otherwise, according to him, the crisis and confrontation in Syria, Ukraine and other states will incerase. In addition, such complex problems as the proliferation of mass destruction weapons and international terrorism will be not be resolved. The world will observe a decline, and the situation of poor states will worsen, as well as the enquality between teh states. 

All this deprives humanity of the belief in the future and generates a sense of fear, the President says. 

"It is well known that after the Second World War, during the Cold War, and the fight against terrorism, the heads of state managed to reach consent. The present time also demands it. I call on the heads of state of the abovementioned states (USA, Russia, China), as well as the EU, to gather with the aim to discuss the current issues, ot this situation should be considered during the special session of the United Nations. If necessary, we are ready to present a platform of Astana for the meeting," said Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

Concluding his speech, the head of state confirmed the readiness of Kazakhstan to actively facilitate the partnership between the Asian and European states in the fight against glabal challenges. 

"Our country, locating between Asia and Europe, has built highways and railway terminals so as to promote trade, to bring Europe and China closer," said Nazarbayev. 

Following the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's data on the results of the official visit off fNursultan Nazarbayev to Finland and the visit to Belgium to take part in the ASEM Summit, the talks with President Sauli Niinistö demonstrated that Finland considered Kazakhstan as a key partner in the provision of stability and the creation of conditions for Central Asia's sustainable development, and helsinki was one of the main partners for Astana in nothern Europe and in the European Union, which would promote trust and openess in political dialogue reached owing to presonal relations between the heads of the two states. 

Following the talks in Finland, a number of important agreements, memorandums and commercial contracts was signed, that will be of great economic benefit for Kazakhstan (total of 20 documents for over 545 million dollars). 

"I would like to specially outline the singing of the Framework Agreement on ocooperation with the Nordic Investment Bank, the headsquarter of hwich is located in the capital city of Finland and the interaction with which will open up a new page in the cooperation with the Nordic states. In the city of Brussels, important bilateral meetings and events were held along with the particiaption of our President in the ASEM Summit. These meetings with European and Asian leaders, including the Philippe of Belgium, French President Emmanuel Macron, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, as well as heads of state and governments of Great Britan, Gemany, Italy, China, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Japan and others, made its possible to verify positions in the main issues of the international agenda strating from security to the  non-productive santional confrontation. Plans to continue high-level contacts were outlined," they said in the MInistry of Foreign Affairs. 

It is noted that the 12th ASEM Summit is of a great significance in the background of the ongoing crises in the world politics and economics, the incerasing unequality in development of states and complex processes that accompany globalization.  

"The proposal of the President to consider the possibility to hold the UNSpecial session in Astana caused the interest in international circles, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started an in-depth discussion of this meeting," they said in the MInistry. 

Following the Summit of the leaders of Asia and Europe, the final document - a presidential statement - that covers the issues of mutually beneficial cooperation in politics and security, economics and finances, the educational and cultural and humanitarian sphere, was adopted. 

The Summit's final document includes the innitiatives of Kazakhstan to strengthen the regional cooperation between financial institutions (within the AIFC's developemnt) and to enhance interreligious dialogue. The document also includes priority cooperation areas for Kazakhstan, including vocational training, transport and logistics, food security, enegy and innovations, energy efficiency. 

"It is necessary to note that the ASEM shoud pat special attention to the interconnectedness in the Eurasian continent aiming at makeing states, people and societies closer so as to stimulate even deeper economic and humanitarian interaction," they added in the Ministry. 

In the run-up of the Summit of the European Union, the EU strategy for the interconnectedness with Asia was adopted focusing to deepen the economic dimpolmacy with an emphasis to expand multilateral and free trade, and to strengthen the role of the EU in the provision of security in Asia. The special role in the document is given to the Asian region as a whole, and particularly to Kazakhstan taking into account the role of a 'bridge' between Europe and Asia and to huge transit and transport potential. 

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