Assets of 62 world richest people equal to the financial status of 3.5 billion people - the head of state

17 May, 2018, 12:39 272
Assets of 62 world richest people equal to the financial status of 3.5 billion people - the head of state

As the head of state supposes today it is important to bridge the gap between incomes of poor and wealthy people.

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev told on country’s income inequality in the world, correspondent informed.

“Geopolitical intensity, mutual sanctions, review of the trade relation between prominent players in spite of the WTO regulations – all of this are the attempts of the countries actually to regulate the field of play and maintain their leadership. However, the main feature of the ongoing transformation is that for the first time it is really happening in the global world. Problems in outsider countries carry increasing risks for the well-being of successful countries. I think that this must be remembered. This happens through migration, extremism, terrorism, ecological catastrophes that do not recognize state borders. In this regard, it is important to narrow the gap between the incomes of the poor and the rich as one of the main sources of social contradictions, "the Head of State announced while speaking at the AEF-2018 plenary session" The World of Global Challenges ".

If you look at the dynamics of macroeconomics in recent years, then the picture is externally positive. The growth rate of the gross domestic product according to the IMF estimate will grow from 3.70% last year to 3.9% this year, the President added.

“The growth acceleration is observed in almost 120 countries. However, at the same time, in one of six countries, inequality of incomes of the population decreases. Therefore, the quality of such development of the world raises big questions. Think about these figures. Today, the assets of 62 richest people in the world equaled the financial status of the poorest half of humanity - that is, 3.5 billion people. According to a number of international experts, more than 80% of the wealth created last year belongs to only one percent of the population. The paradox, but the technological revolution, which should improve the lives of all people, level its quality, in fact, only with new power disperses the flywheel of inequality, "Nursultan Nazarbayev noted.

To overcome all these challenges, according to the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev the need has come to build new effective mechanisms for dialogue between states, sharing knowledge.

Earlier, the President spoke about five global trends, which became the main factors of the instability observed in the world.