Astana's new Mayor travels to work by foot

18 September, 2018, 14:45 775
Astana's new Mayor travels to work by foot

The capital city's new Mayor said that he begins his working day with a tour around the city. 


Astana's Mayor Bakhyt Sultanov pointed out key areas of the Mayor's Office's work, correspondent reports. 

"The main responsibility of everyone involves preparation works for winter, heat supply. Now preparation works are held in all facilities, 98% of which are already done. It is for sure that ensuring the purity of the city is held on a systematic basis. We should ensure to create a new culture environment for our citizens, and for guests of the capital city, as well as to create so-called capital city's gloss," said Bakhyt Sultanov on the sidelines of the government. 

The newly elected Mayor noted that he starts his working day with tours around the city as he travels to work by foot. 

"One of the advantages of walking on foot is to be out in the fresh air as I should travel around the capital city's facilities," said Sultanov. 

According to him, over a week in the position of Mayor he has toured facilities of transport infrastructure and got familiarized with preparation works for the heating season. 

"A number of issues regarding improving yards have being considered, and it is important to not neglect uptown and entrances as one of the issues raised by the head of state during introducing me was the formation of a new development model - to create the capital city's gloss," said Sultanov. 

He noted that a thought about Astana should be formed like that of a teacher 'begins with the rack'. 

"Therefore, they include not only airports, stations, but also uptown and roads which are like gates," said Sultanov.

Astana's former Mayor Asset Issekeshev reportedly refused to use a service car and replaced it with a taxi. It was reported that the funds saved would be distributed on social projects.