Astana airport begins modernization of station area

07 April, 2017, 18:31 387
Astana airport begins modernization of station area

Today, work to expand the station area of Astana airport to enhance the level of comfort for passengers has been begun. At the time of the reconstruction, the area in front of the airport terminal will be available only for taken up or set down of passengers. You can park your car at the free car park.  The covered parking  terminal will operate as usual, reports.

"Construction work at the airport of Astana moved into a phase of modernization of the station area. Designing a new project of the station area, in the first place, the creation of comfortable conditions for our passengers is taken into account. After the reconstruction, the parking area will be increased more than twice, as well as increase the number of terminals in front of arrivals and departures at the airport, which saves time for travelers.  During the reconstruction, we will take all necessary measures to minimize the inconvenience associated with the repair work”, the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Astana International Airport" Paolo Ricciotti said.

Reconstruction of the station area will accommodate up to 1000 cars in the parking instead of 350. In addition, jointly with the Astana mayor office, the entry and exit to the parking will be extended and improved, additional lines for public transport are added, as well as a special zone for taxis, the press-service of the capital's airport informs.

Passengers are recommended to arrive in the international airport of Astana earlier because of the start of repairs of the station area.


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