Astana citizens took first test-drive of Kazakhstan’s electro taxi

17 May, 2018, 18:02 622
Astana citizens took first test-drive of Kazakhstan’s electro taxi

At the facilities of the Kostanai car factory, the production of electric vehicles of the Chinese brand JAC model iEV7s is launched.

The citizens of the capital got acquainted with the first serial electric car assembled by the national automaker of the Allure Group of Co Ltd., correspondent reports with reference to the press service of the company.

This year, at the facilities of the Kostanai car factory, the production of electric vehicles of the iEV7s model of the JAC Chinese brand is launched. Previously, electric vehicles were already presented at the international exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana. The company decided to arrange acquaintance with the electric car in action for the general public and gave the residents of the capital a free trip.

Participants of the action were ordinary residents who "thumb for a ride". During the trip, representatives of the company told passengers about the advantages of an electric vehicle, answered questions and presented as a gift a portable charger for smartphones.

Residents of Astana were interested in the power reserve on one charge, the availability of charging stations, the possibility of exploitation in winter conditions, as well as the cost of an electric car.

You can charge an electric car in two ways: from an ordinary outlet with a voltage of 220 volts and from a more powerful station. Representatives of the company explained that in the standard mode from a household outlet, charging the battery from 0 to 100% takes eight hours. A full charge of the electric car needs about 35 kWh is needed, which will cost 770 tenge (at a cost of 22 tenge per square meter/hour) - this is three times cheaper than refueling a gasoline car for the same mileage. The iEV7S uses the state-of-the-art liquid-cooling / battery-warming system, which allows the electric vehicle to be operated even in the harshest frosts.

JAC iEV7s. battery capacity 39 kW/h, thanks to which the power reserve increased to 330 km. In 11 seconds, the electric-cross utility vehicle accelerates to 100 km / h, and its maximum speed reaches 140 km/h.

According to the company's specialists, a pilot program for creating an infrastructure for electric vehicles was adopted in Kazakhstan. So, 50 charging stations will be installed in the cities of Almaty and Astana and several ultrafast charging stations will be installed along the Astana-Borovoye highway. In the future, all residential quarters and office centers should be equipped with charging points.

"It's necessary to charge the electric car according to the charging principle of the cell phone's battery, do not wait until the battery run out of charge completely. Frequent discharge to zero point lowers the total capacity of the lithium-ion battery. Regular charging is more effective in case of 20-30% of charge. For example, upon your arrival to work - put on a charge, went out for lunch - turned off the device. You can leave the device in the active mode for the night," the managing director for the development of "Allure" Group of Co. Ltd. said.

In China, electric JAC can be purchased for  22,000 dollars (or 7.3 million tenge). The price offer for an electric car in Kazakhstan has not been finally formed, because at the moment there is a discussion of incentive measures for the growth of mass demand for an environmentally friendly car.


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