Astana knows how to surprise: gastronomic market’s zest

06 August, 2018, 15:30 511
Astana knows how to surprise: gastronomic market’s zest

The first gastronomic market will be built at the right bank of the Yessil River in Astana. It will create 1.5 thousand jobs.

The construction of the market is already started. The feature of the gastronomic market is a preparation of food products that have been bought a few minutes ago.

The correspondent of has learned about the new format of the market and for what purpose it is needed for Astana residents.

Meanwhile, according to developers, the gastronomic market of Astana will become a center of attraction for residents and visitors of the capital. The new facility will become a major point of sale where not only branded enterprises will sell their goods, but also ordinary farmers. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase products first-hand and prepare various dishes, without departing from the ticket office.

Moreover, the new retail facility will house the farm market, storage and unloading facilities, refrigerators, a special laboratory, a bakery, kiosks, a seven-hall cinema, a fast food zone, a hardware, and electronics store, a children's entertainment center, and a terrace.

Besides, a parking zone for 350 seats, comfortable pedestrian and recreation areas with elements of landscaping will be organized at the territory of the shopping center.  The parking place for bicycles will be designed on the perimeter of the market as well.

The total area of the gastronomic market of Astana will be 7.9 thousand square meters. 6.4 thousand of which will take trading places and food courts. Another 1504 square meters will be covered with warehouses, refrigerators, a terrace.

If we compare the future market in Astana with Danilovsky, then Kazakhstan's scale is almost inferior to that of Russia. So, the total area of the Moscow bazaar is 8.5 thousand square meters and the area of the commercial hall is 4.5 thousand square meters.

It is known that the Danilovsky market has its own laboratory, where an independent examination of food products is conducted. For example, meat is checked before it hits the market. In the laboratory, specialists identify dangerous diseases, such as anthrax, actinomycosis or tuberculosis. The check shows whether the animal is infected with infections, poisons, bacteria or viruses. So the Astana market will also have its own laboratory.

It should be noted that Astana will also borrow from the Russian Danilovsky market the idea of organizing various events. Seasonal fairs and music open-air concerts will be held on the territory of the capital's bazaar. In addition, the market square will be filming television programs in the field of nutrition.

Speaking about the format of the building, developers note that the capital market will resemble a gastronomic supermarket. And over its appearance will work a whole group of designers. Currently, the design project is in the development of the Moscow company Zemskiy Group.

By the way, Kazakhstan's gastronomic food market will be distinguished from the rest one by a large assortment of goods. And food products will be imported from different regions of the country, Russia, and CIS countries.

It should be noted the 1,500 jobs will be created on the market.

This concept of markets is present in a number of European capitals and cities: London (Borough Market), Amsterdam (Foodhallen), Lisbon (Time Out Market Lisboa), Barcelona (El Nacional), Odessa (City Food Market).